Reveille Blueberry Bush (Vaccinium ‘Reveille’)

Reveille Blueberry Bush


What is Reveille Blueberry Bush

For a blast of color and flavor, the Reveille Blueberry bush is a wonderful addition to any yard! This plant has hot pink blooms with its scrumptious berries, and it grows in an easygoing, upright form.

Grow your own fresh blueberries with little maintenance! This vibrant highbush blueberry requires little in care, and it can withstand hot and cool environments. It ripens mid-summer for a whole season of flavorful fruit packed with antioxidants for delectable eats and treats.

Add it to your hedge or fruit garden! This plant’s upright form makes it so easy to add anywhere, from pots and containers to in-ground. Plus, it’s self-fertile so while you can add other plants to ensure more bounties, it isn’t needed.

Eager for colorful spring blooms and delicious fruit grown at home? Purchase the Reveille Blueberry now to start enjoying these sweet berries in your own backyard!

Reveille Blueberry Bush (Vaccinium 'Reveille') Vaccinium 'Reveille'

How to Grow and Care for Reveille Blueberry Bush

Reveille Blueberry Bush (Vaccinium ‘Reveille’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 3-7 outdoors
Harvest time June - July


Plant in an area where it can receive full sunlight – between 6 to 8 hours per day. For best growth, it is recommended to plant in a container with acidic potting mix and well-draining soil.

If planted in the ground, ensure good air circulation and moist soil to maintain acidity. Plant in an area 2 feet in diameter and 1 foot deep. Remove 1/3 to 1/2 of the soil and add an equal amount of pre-moistened peat moss. Mix well. To conserve moisture and promote living soil structure, mulch with bark, pine needles, acid compost, or sawdust. If soil is poor or doesn’t drain well, raised beds are effective. Most soils will require amendments to maintain acidity.


Blueberries require more water than most other garden plants. Keep soil moist. Blueberry plants do not like to dry out, so watering should be consistent.


Blueberries like acid fertilizers such as Azalea formulations, but be very careful not to use nitrogen in a nitrate form. For newly planted stock, use 2 tablespoons of 10-20-10 or similar fertilizer in late spring or once plants are established. Follow manufacturer’s directions. For organic fertilizers, use blood meal and cottonseed meal, and prepared compost. Avoid fresh manures. Blueberries are very sensitive to over-fertilization. Stop fertilizing by the time of cooler fall weather. Resume fertilizing in spring after blueberries have leafed out.


Prune your blueberry bushes to reduce the number of flowers and so that developing fruit will improve berry size and hasten development. Allow the plants to get well established in the first year by pinching off flower buds.

In winter:

  • Remove low growth around the base. If it doesn’t grow up, prune it out.
  • Remove dead wood and non vigorous twiggy wood. Select bright colored wood with long laterals. Remove blotchy colored short growth.
  • If 1/3 of the wood has not been removed by the above steps, thin out the fruiting laterals and small branches until the balance has been obtained.
  • As plants get older, prune to select 4-6 bright colored erect canes per bush. Prune these canes in October down to a height of 2-3 ft.

Pollination: Reveille Blueberries are self-pollinating but yields will be increased with another blueberry plant nearby.

Reveille Blueberry Bush (Vaccinium ‘Reveille’) Details

Common name Reveille Blueberry Bush
Botanical name Vaccinium 'Reveille'
Plant type Fruit Trees, Bushes
Hardiness zone 3-7 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time June - July
Height 6-8 ft.
Width 4-6 ft.