Royal Gold Climbing Rose

  • Classic yellow climbing rose
  • Great fruity fragrance
  • Strong cutting stems

Royal Gold is a grand statement rose. With its big, bright lemon yellow flowers and deep green leaves, this climber makes quite an impression.

Having been around since the mid-50’s, this rose has earned its status as a beautiful and classic climber. Skyrocketing up an arbor or scrambling along a fence, Royal Gold quickly makes its mark in your landscape.

This rose will climb over your doorway and practically yell “Welcome!” to everyone who comes to visit. As if that weren’t enough, these roses give off a fruity scent that gets stronger in the heat.

It would almost be a waste if the cheery yellow color and great fragrance were confined to the garden. Thanks to the flowers being born on long, strong stems, though, you can cut vases full of flowers for your table all season long.

This is an older, classic rose, so some of the disease and pest resistance of the more modern roses won’t be found in Royal Gold. It only takes a little TLC and a good spray schedule, though, to keep this rose happy. You won’t regret the effort. We bet this will even become one of your favorite roses because of the extra care you give it.