Ruby Ruffle Patio Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘NC Peach-6’)

Ruby Ruffle™ Patio Peach Tree


What is Ruby Ruffle Patio Peach Tree

Spruce up your patio with the colorful and compact Ruby Ruffle Patio Peach Tree! This ornamental Peach Tree’s ruby-pink blooms will be the talk of the neighborhood for their liveliness and lushness. It’s perfect for any potted container or patio, or small landscape!

This compact plant is low-maintenance but big on pigment! During the spring, expect abundant double blooms in a rich, ruby-pink. When not in bloom, it still offers a truly spectacular sight of dark burgundy foliage with wavy leaves.

Though this peach tree is ornamental (so it won’t produce edible fruit), it is heavier blooming than other patio peach varieties. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and can be planted anywhere with full sunlight.

Between the ruffled appearance of the leaves and its stunning colors in spring, this tree will make a statement anywhere it’s planted. Just give it well-drained soil and watch it thrive!

Ready to add the Ruby Ruffle™ Patio Peach Tree to your home?

We’ve nurtured it and monitored this tree at our nursery, long before it arrives to your door, so it’s ready to acclimate to your area right away. And since we’ve put in the extra work, caring for this incredible specimen couldn’t be easier.

Get unbeatable spring blooms, incredibly unique foliage and low maintenance with our Ruby Ruffle Patio Peach Tree.

Ruby Ruffle™ Patio Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘NC Peach-6’) Prunus persica ‘NC Peach-6’

How to Grow and Care for Ruby Ruffle™ Patio Peach Tree

Ruby Ruffle Patio Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘NC Peach-6’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 5-8 outdoors


This tree can be planted in the ground, or in a pot or container around 2-3 gallons in size. Place somewhere it can receive full sunlight (between 6-8 hours a day) and in well-drained soil. It’s very important to keep the graft above the soil level or the roots could develop from above the graft, causing it to grow to full size by bypassing its dwarfing parts.


Maintain even moisture in well-drained soil.


If needed, trim during the dormant season. Trim to a bud about ¼ inch away from the outward pointing bud. Any old wood removed will also remove flowering wood for the Spring’s bloom. Leave enough old wood to not negatively impact flowering.

Ruby Ruffle Patio Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘NC Peach-6’) Details

Common name Ruby Ruffle™ Patio Peach Tree
Botanical name Prunus persica ‘NC Peach-6’
Plant type Flowering Trees
Hardiness zone 5-8 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 4-5 ft.
Width 4-5 ft.