Sapphire Blue Oat Grass (Helictotrichon sempervirens Sapphire’)

Sapphire Blue Oat Grass

  • Narrow, Silvery-Blue Blades Arch Up and Out
  • Gorgeous Tan Blooms
  • Useful Spreading, Mounded Habit
  • Excellent Groundcover
  • Durable
  • Can be Grown in Containers
  • Extremely Cold Hardy
  • Tolerates Coastal Conditions
  • Rarely Damaged by Deer

Turn a challenging, sun-baked area into a colorful oasis with support from these showy, small Ornamental Grasses. In no time, they’ll grow to provide a dynamic feature for your landscape!

You’ll definitely fall for the steel-blue blades of Sapphire Blue Oat Grass (Helictotrichon sempervirens Sapphire’). Their silvery overcast catches that bright light and filters it back as a cool, subtle tone that soothes your spirit.

The thin blades also loft and sway in the breeze. Use several of them to enlarge the kinetic display and enjoy a rippling sense of movement in your space.

Sapphire Blue Oat Grass is an improved modern cultivar that performs like a champ in rough, tough conditions. The powdery color is actually more intense in dry soils!

Consider this smaller Ornamental Grass as a building block to create an effective landscape design. Sapphire Blue Oat Grass provides an incredible, high-end look when massed together.

A single yearly trim sets the stage for a season’s worth of rugged beauty. Add tall spikes that produce tan, oat-like seed heads as a late summer star.

Texture, color, movement and easy-care are the hallmarks of this high-capacity performer. Rely on these cool-season grasses as an architectural design element year after year.

Our growers have earned their reputation in the Green Industry as reliable suppliers of commercial-grade plant material. That’s why we have professional garden designers buy out entire crops to use in their plans.

If you have a tough, sunny spot…place your order for Sapphire Blue Oat Grass today. Please don’t delay and risk disappointment, for we will sell out of our limited inventory.

How to Use Sapphire Blue Oat Grass in the Landscape

Don’t underestimate these handsome, clump-forming grasses. They are tough as nails, and tolerate harsh coastal conditions and rock gardens.

Develop a showy mass planting on hills, slopes and terraces. Plant them 20 inches apart on center; measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.

Keep newly installed mass plantings weeded.Mulch lightly, but don’t let it touch the crown of your plants.

Leverage the graceful foliage to draw the eye of your guests at the entrance of your home. The silvery-blue blades spill like a fountain and provide a cool respite.

Line your front walk with a wide, curved planting bed of these exquisite mounding grasses. You’ll add visual interest and increase your curb appeal!

Take this idea and run with it out back, as well. Sapphire Blue Oat Grass is a natural choice to add structure near your entertainment area.

Kick back and survey your world, enjoying the sound and sight of this wind-tossed groundcover. They add a very professional look without requiring much care.

Add them as a continuous edging along Xeriscaped plantings. This unique grass is listed on several state’s Firewise lists for defensible spaces.

Even if you don’t have a landscape…keep several of them in a streamlined series of matched containers. They’ll elevate the look and feel of your balcony, deck, or dry Roof Garden.

Snip the mature seed heads to use as modern cut flowers. They’ll dry in the vase for an outstanding winter decoration for your mantle.

Sapphire Blue Oat Grass also makes very special gift plants. Use a few as a perfect Father’s Day present, or as a thoughtful housewarming present.

Tips for Care

Meet these simple requirements to get the most from these charming plants. They’ll faithfully delight you all season long.

First, plant them where they are soaked by full sun. Give them at least six hours of direct sunlight a day.

The soil needs to be well-drained, so check to see how long it takes for rain water to absorb. If the ground stays soggy, you might consider one of our Sedges…or bring in additional soil for a raised bed to improve drainage.

Supply a consistent amount of water to protect your investment. Ensure container grown plants receive supplemental water.

In the warmer zones, it may remain nearly evergreen. In early spring, gently rake out any dead foliage and seed heads in warmer climates.

For Zones 4 through 6, cut the foliage off to the ground in early spring. Watch as new growth comes back from the crown!

Sapphire Blue Oat Grass (Helictotrichon sempervirens Sapphire’) Details

Common name Sapphire Blue Oat Grass
Botanical name Helictotrichon sempervirens Sapphire'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 4-8
Growth rate Medium
Height 18 - 24 inches
Width 2 - 2 1/2 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Yellow