Sarcoxie Euonymus (Euonymus fortunei ‘Sarcoxie’)

Sarcoxie Euonymus

  • Evergreen
  • Variegated Foliage
  • Fall Interest
  • Hardy

Sarcoxie Euonymus is an evergreen vine with ornamental foliage. This extremely versatile plant can be used as a groundcover, trained to climb your lamppost, or even encouraged into an accent shrub for your front yard!

Your Sarcoxie Euonymus is an evergreen that loves to spread and sprawl. As an evergreen, it provides wonderful, year-round color, but the unique foliage is where it really shines. Each glossy, oval leaf features white-variegated, dark-green foliage, which is sure to add some ornamental definition for your yard.

In the fall, your Sarcoxie will grace your landscape with the addition of showy, shell-pink capsules for that extra dash of color before the drabness of winter sets in.

Sarcoxie Euonymus is a multi-stemmed evergreen shrub that will grow to whatever size you need, depending upon how you train or prune it. It has a natural, ground-hugging habit, and is adaptable to various landscape conditions.

It’s even tolerant of pollution so you can use it even if you’re in an urban environment. It can be pruned at any time, so it’s especially amenable to a variety of uses.

An evergreen with ornamental foliage that asks for little but offers a lot, Sarcoxie Euonymus is certainly an easy choice for your landscape today.

Sarcoxie Euonymus (Euonymus fortunei ‘Sarcoxie’) Details

Common name Sarcoxie Euonymus
Botanical name Euonymus fortunei 'Sarcoxie'
Hardiness zone 4-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 4 - 6 ft.
Width 6 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Soil condition Widely Adaptable
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Flower color White
Leaf color Variegated