Scarlet Fire Rutgers Japanese Dogwood (Cornus kousa ‘Rutpink’)

Scarlet Fire Rutgers Japanese Dogwood

No more of the same old same old! The Scarlet Fire® Dogwood (Cornus kousa ‘Rutpink’) will be sure to illuminate your landscaping in the late spring and early summer! This form of the lovely Kousa Dogwood tree is a real game-changer with its unique and vibrant flower color! This offering was developed at Rutgers University for the first-ever deep pink to fuchsia colored bracts!

Most Dogwoods are a soft, pastel pink coloration, but this one profusely blooms a deep fuchsia-pink color that is to die for! Forming petal-like structures called bracts, these create a long-lasting display all spring and extends well into the summer! The small flowers in the centers attract bees and butterflies too!

The gorgeous green foliage fills out from early spring until fall, filling the branches out and casting cooling shade! In the fall you will be mesmerized by Scarlet Fire® Rutgers burgundy-red foliage that will make you completely fall in love time and time again. This Japanese Dogwood is hardy throughout USDA growing zones 5 to 9 and grows to a beautifully branched 20-25 feet in height and a slimmer 15 to 20 feet in width.

The beauty continues into the late summer with its crimson-red fruit that appears strawberry-like. They really stand out against the crimson-red to burgundy fall color of the foliage! Not only will the branches provide a feast for songbirds, but Scarlet Fire® will also be a wonderful addition to your winter décor!

Planting and Application:

Scarlet Fire® are always lovely as a front yard accent plant or a specimen highlighting your entry. Just as perfect shading your hammock as they are soaking up the shade themselves beneath larger trees along the back of your property with other perimeter trees and shrubs; without the fear that deer will eat them up.

Need an impressive pop in your landscaping, then you have come to the right place. The colors absolutely shine in mass planting, which will draw anyone and everyone to your garden. Tall enough to provide lush shade, Scarlet Fire® Dogwood trees look fantastic around patios and seating areas where they’ll add soothing, cooling shade!

Be sure to plant where you can view this amazing plant year-round! Perfect for pin-point privacy to hide the view into a bedroom window while enhancing your view out! Line your drive or shade your walkways and paths with these lovely trees, or define your property line while adding some privacy that both you and your neighbors won’t mind! You’ll love using these glorious street trees.

All you’ll be able to say is “wow” after seeing this magnificent beauty as an ornamental!

  • Captivating, Deep Fuchsia-Pink Blooms
  • Crimson-Red, Strawberry-Like Summer Fruits
  • Red Seeds for Fall Interest & Songbirds
  • Incredible Red to Burgundy Fall Color
  • Immaculate Ornamental Tree, Great Patio Tree & Understory

Tips for Care:

Plant your Scarlet Fire® Dogwood in full sun to partial shade with well-drained soil to see your plant grow tall and proud. Dogwood Trees are easy to care for and cold hardy and aren’t particular on soil type, but they really should be planted in moist, acidic well-drained soil. Once established, they can tolerate some drought, but to best protect your investment, provide supplemental watering. Tolerating slightly acidic soils, use appropriate organic fertilizers that help maintain this acidity and boost their health in early spring. Mulch the root system well to insulate from heat and cold, as well as hold in more moisture and water less often!

Reapply in mid-summer, following label directions for application rates. Prune if necessary in late winter or after blooming in spring to remove crossing branches and water growth, or to control the shape. No need to worry about anything harming its beauty, because this plant is incredibly disease resistant!

  • Full Sun & Partial Shade
  • Needs Well-Drained Acidic Soil
  • Prune When Dormant
  • Easy Care & Low Maintenance
  • Pest & Disease Resistant, Drought Tolerant & Deer Tolerant

Give your landscaping the plant that will be the new game changer.

Scarlet Fire Rutgers Japanese Dogwood (Cornus kousa ‘Rutpink’) Details

Common name Scarlet Fire Rutgers Japanese Dogwood
Botanical name Cornus kousa 'Rutpink'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 20 - 25 ft.
Width 15 - 20 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time When Dormant
Flower color Deep Pink to Fuchsia