Sea Green Juniper (Juniperus x pfitzeriana ‘Sea Green’)

Sea Green Juniper

  • Steadfast Color and Texture All Year
  • Grows Quickly
  • Dark Green Foliage
  • Soft, Arching Stems
  • Spreads Wide
  • Low Maintenance Workhorse
  • Rugged and Widely Adaptable
  • Control Erosion With Mass Plantings
  • Superb in Commercial Plantings
  • Withstands Full Sun
  • Drought Tolerant After Roots are Established
  • Seldom Damaged by Deer

Turn to large-scale Juniper evergreen shrubs and create an effortless, casual landscape. Their fluid, arched branches fit perfectly into a contemporary lifestyle.

Sea Green Juniper (Juniperus x pfitzeriana ‘Sea Green’) isn’t a stiff, formal evergreen like so many used in mature neighborhoods across the land. They feel very modern, with a free-form, fountain-like, arching habit and soft, mint green foliage.

It is a true evergreen that provides structure and year-round color. Define your space with one or many of these unique “living sculptures.”

They won’t cause you any trouble, as they are tolerant of many soils and weather conditions! Just follow the Plant Highlights to plant them in the right spot.

Sea Green Juniper is a versatile choice that adds a visual punch of interest no matter the garden application. Commercial property owners and residential homeowners can leverage them to maximize the true value of their investment, too.

Give this Juniper plant the space to spread to the widest measurement given. Let them grow to their full glory, and you’ll rarely need to prune them.

Sea Green Juniper takes on darker green tones over the winter season. Enjoy their atmospheric design element when there is nothing much else to look at.

How to Use Sea Green Juniper in the Landscape

Sea Green Juniper looks great in a group, Plant them five feet apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.Use at the top of a slope to control erosion and eliminate mowing. Pair them with our other Junipers, gradually working into the compact varieties like Blue Rug Juniper at the base for a sophisticated collection.

This dynamic shrub pairs beautifully with the graceful Ornamental Grasses. Use several as a backdrop for Autumn Moor Grass, Little Bunny Fountain Grass and Sapphire Blue Oat Grass.

Catch every breeze with this planting. At once rugged, soft and unforgettable…Sea Green Juniper brings the look of the ocean waves to life in your backyard.

It’s also a terrific specimen plant for your perennial border or rock garden. Use behind boulders to boost their impact…much like an ornate frame polished up a painted masterpiece.

One or more can be used in foundation plantings, too. Their welcome texture helps bridge the divide between the ground and hard edges like stairs and decks.

This choice weathers urban pollution like a champ. Use them near your driveway or fence line for a clean but natural look.

Don’t miss out on their high performance on commercial lots. Plant them in a wide semi-circle, and fill the interior with your favorite landscape Roses to draw all eyes on your business.

Combine the Sea Green Juniper with more upright evergreens like Pine and Holly to make a year-round low-maintenance garden. Check out our entire line of specialty evergreen trees.

Map out a personal paradise using evergreens as the framework of your design. Add Japanese Painted Fern and some of our exquisite Japanese Maples to counterbalance their charm.

Tips for Care

Plant it in full sun, where it can soak up at least six hours of sunlight a day. They’ll also need well-drained soil, as their roots won’t tolerate standing water or wet soils.

Grow them on slopes or create planting mounds, if you need to improve drainage. You can also plant them “high”, to leave an inch of the nursery dirt showing, then pull mulch over to cover.

For investment plants like this, we highly recommend Nature Hills Root Booster to give life-long support. The symbiotic ingredients never stop helping the feeder roots access micronutrients from your soil.

Water consistently for the first season to get their roots established. After that, this waterwise selection only needs supplemental water during extended drought.

Weed mass plantings regularly to remove volunteer trees. Wear gloves to protect your hands, even though this variety is much softer than others.

Prune in early spring to shape, if needed. Remove a few of the longest branches back to the base, and avoid simply chopping the length.

Get your weekends back with this useful evergreen.

Sea Green Juniper (Juniperus x pfitzeriana ‘Sea Green’) Details

Common name Sea Green Juniper
Botanical name Juniperus x pfitzeriana 'Sea Green'
Plant type Evergreen
Hardiness zone 4-9
Growth rate Fast
Height 4 - 6 ft.
Width 6 - 8 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Low Once Established
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly No
Pruning time Early Spring