Shazam Lantana (Lantana camara ‘Shazam’)

Shazam Lantana


What is Shazam Lantana

Whether you have an apartment with a small deck or a full sized garden and yard, the Shazam Lantana can complement any landscape. Its brightly colored yellow, red (and sometimes gold or even purplish) blooms are petite, rounded, and full of delight.

The Shazam Lantana is also hardy to most pests and soil types, and relatively deer and drought repellent. It requires minimal care and does well when given access to full sunlight.

What are you waiting for? Experience the Shazam Lantana’s good looks and easygoing nature for yourself, right now!

Shazam Lantana (Lantana camara 'Shazam') Lantana camara 'Shazam'

How to Grow and Care for Shazam Lantana

Shazam Lantana (Lantana camara ‘Shazam’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors


Plant in an area where it can receive at least 6 hours of sunlight per day, with well-draining soil.


Water deeply and regularly in the first growing season in order to establish root system. Once established in the landscape, you can reduce watering frequency. Continue to water container your plants regularly, especially in extreme heat.


Fertilizing is not required, but can be done if desired in spring.


Spent blooms can be periodically removed and pruned to shape.

Shazam Lantana (Lantana camara ‘Shazam’) Details

Common name Shazam Lantana
Botanical name Lantana camara 'Shazam'
Plant type Groundcovers, Vines
Hardiness zone 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 3-5 ft.
Width 3-5 ft.