Showbiz Rose Bush (Rosa ‘TANweike’)

Showbiz Rose Bush

How does a gifted amateur become an A-List superstar? People need to be drawn to the performance. These “break out” roles set an actor on the fast track as a rising star. But it takes several command performances back to back to firmly establish them as a superstar!

Good looks aren’t everything, although they don’t hurt. It’s really about having a unique appeal, a special warmth, and charm that is well suited to the moment in time. The right setting is key!

It’s the same way with flowers!

From the moment the curtain opens, you’ll fall in love with the Floribunda Showbiz Rose (Rosa ‘TANweike’) for its cherry red petals, abundant clusters, and wonderful scent. Each bloom featured 20 to 25 petals per flower! Next, you’ll appreciate the blowsy charm of the abundant petals that ruffle ever so slightly at the tips. You’ll never find enough accolades for the profuse blooms of this Floribunda Rose!

Gorgeous glossy green foliage fills this shrub, creating a compact, naturally rounded form! These naturally retain a pleasing shape, even when not in bloom! But once those blossoms start opening, they don’t quit until fall! Not to mention those flouncy blooms don’t show up in ones or twos, you will be delighted as sprays and clusters of these deep-red blossoms smother your Rose!

Easy care and prolific, these are romantic gift plants! For the same cost as a high-end floral bouquet, you’ll celebrate that anniversary, wedding, new homeowners, and memorial celebration with a long-lasting, thoughtful gift that keeps on giving!

Heat and humidity tolerant throughout USDA hardiness zones 6 to 9, this small, space-saving bloomer is only 2-3 feet in height at maturity! Spreading to just 1-2 feet in width, any sized garden in the sun can enjoy these show-stopping red blooms! Despite its size, this is also a fast-growing and very easy to care for, almost no-maintenance Rose bush!

Planting and Application:

Imagine this small, showy bush as the “Thriller” in your seasonal containers. This kind of warm red looks great in terra cotta but it really pops in cobalt blue glazed pots! Container gardeners and Balcony or Porch gardens of all sizes can accommodate this sultry bloom! You won’t be sacrificing precious space for this gorgeous Rose to take the stage!

Pair with Hydrangeas, accent with climbing Clematis, or even other Roses for a classic and relaxed shrub border. Plant several of these compact, round balls in gentle zig-zags or curves for a more formal appearance.

A low-growing shrub like this Rose bush is perfect for dressing up an evergreen foundation hedge that needs a facer planting or accenting a long pathway as edging. Clean up garden edges with a tidy border of brilliant red blooms and glossy green foliage!

Skirt a favorite urn or sculpture with these lovely divas, or ring a gazebo in dramatic red ruffles. Perfect for adding incredible color all growing season when interspersed among Cottage borders and Perennial gardens. Of course, any garden becomes a cut flower garden with a Showbiz Rose bush! This Rose selection features great sprays of blooms held in abundant clusters – plenty for fantastic blooms for floral design, corsages, and boutonnieres, and are absolutely romantic long-stem bud vases!

You’ll really boost curb appeal with a row of these fantastic shrubs as a divider planting between the sidewalk and your front yard! Your mailbox becomes the envy of the neighborhood with one of these highlighting its base! Stand a pair of potted Showbiz as a dramatic entrance into your front steps, or along the driveway. What a better way to welcome visitors to your backyard!

  • Eye-Catching Dramatic Cherry Red Blossoms
  • Profusely Blooming Floribunda – Consistent Performer
  • Pollinators Galore!
  • Ruffled Petals & Citrusy Scent
  • Glossy Green Foliage & Compact Rounded Form
  • Great Specimen & Container Rose & Fantastic Gift Plant!

Tips for Care:

Showbiz Roses are easy-care and adaptable! Readily standing up to the heat and full sun as well as the cold winters in these climates. Roses prefer the morning sun to best dry the foliage of dew first thing in the morning. Provide fertile, well-drained soil with moderate consistent moisture throughout the growing season. Mulch is fantastic for keeping moisture in the soil level, so you water less! As well as insulating the root ball from heat and chill.

Fertilize your Rose 2 – 3 times a year with Rose food and deadhead to keep the blooms popping! Otherwise, this is a low-maintenance Rose bush that only needs an early spring pruning to start the flush of new growth for the year off right. Featuring incredible disease resistance, you’ll spend less time spraying and pruning!

The long-lived flowers and pointed buds only require minimal deadheading to keep them returning all growing season.

  • Full Sun Lover
  • Moist Enriched Well-Drained Soil
  • Regular Fertility & Moderate Moisture Needs
  • Prune Early Spring & Deadhead For New Blooms
  • Appreciates Mulched Beds
  • Incredibly Disease-Resistant Modern Rose Genetics

This glamorous red Floribunda dramatically fills the garden with bold color! Showbiz Floribunda Rose bush is a great all-around Rose and is a must-have starlet in your garden.

Showbiz Rose Bush (Rosa ‘TANweike’) Details

Common name Showbiz Rose Bush
Botanical name Rosa 'TANweike'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 6-9
Growth rate Fast
Height 2 - 3 ft.
Width 1 - 2 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained Soil
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Red