Showbiz Rose

Simply put, no other compact, red floribunda bears such vividly hued blooms in great sprays the way Showbiz does. This vigorous, hardy fellow is covered all season in colorful clusters of lightly scented flowerheads that attract butterflies and other pollinators. These long-lived flowers spiral out from an abundance of lovely, pointed buds, opening atop a thicket of dark, glossy, oval-shaped leaves. The blooms are well suited for cutting. Plant several together to create a spectacular hedge or incorporate one or two into a border. Showbiz was the 1985 winner of the All-America Rose Selections award. Rosa ‘TANweieke’ PP4844Our 24″ Tree Rose option features the Showbiz Floribunda Rose grafted onto a 24″ tree understock, making formal containers and focal points in the border a breeze. All the training and pruning has been done for you, all you have to do is plant and watch it bloom.
  • Botanical Name:

    Rosa cv. ‘TANweieke’

  • Form:
  • Sun Exposure:
    Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Height/Habit:
    36 – 48 inches
  • Spread:
    36 – 48 inches
  • Spacing:
    36 – 48 inches
  • Hardiness Zone:
  • Flowering Date:
    Late spring to fall
  • Growth Rate:
    Moderate once established
  • Shipping Season:
  • Flower Color:
  • Flower Form:
    Medium-sized, in clusters
  • Foliage Type:
    Glossy green foliage
  • Soil Requirement:
    Well drained, humus enriched soil
  • Watering Requirement:
    Roses prefer a thorough watering but do not like ‘wet feet’. Water early in the day to avoid wet conditions into the night which can cause issues with fungus and disease.