Single Yellow Freesia (Freesia (Single Yellow))

Single Yellow Freesia

Single Yellow Freesias Freesia (Freesia (Single Yellow)) are beloved by many and a great way to add brilliance to your spring garden. These delicate, glowing flowers are a florist’s best friend. They sing out with their bright and bold monochromatic coloration, and they offer a long-lasting bloom season and an appealing scent that will fill the garden.

Many people are introduced to Single Yellow Freesias from afar. They see a glorious golden glow and have to get nearer. As they bloom, they’re gifted with the heavenly scent of spring and rows of yellow flowers that are perfectly formed! Butterflies and a few Hummingbirds seek out the blossoms! The Single Yellow Freesia’s buds appear in mid-spring and are consistently opening from one day to the next.

This spring favorite forms even and refined yellow-cupped blooms, are perfectly arranged on arched foliage-free stalks. These balanced flowers offer a saturated yellow pop to the garden or a floral arrangement. And because there are numerous buds per stalk that open consecutively from base to tip, they have a long-lasting presence.

Planting and Application:

\Single Yellow Freesias create a stunning show when planted in drifts or grouped in a front border. Plant several together for a fuller more impactful effect. These bright flowers also pair well with other Freesia varieties and a wide array of colors. Plant among later emerging perennials and shrubs that provide shade for these plants from the worst of the summer sun.

For best results, plant your Single Yellow Freesia corms in the spring or in containers in zones that freeze in winter. They grow best in full sun and will naturalize in some USDA growing zones 8 and reliably in zones 9 and 10. Northern growers can give these plants as gifts or use them as annual accents on the porch and bring them indoors as houseplants!

  • Bright Honey-Yellow Blooms
  • Multiple Blooms per Stem!
  • Great in Containers & Excellent Cut Flower
  • Peppery Sweet Scent
  • Great for Pollinators & Bouquets
  • Beds & Borders, Pots & Planters, Annual or Perennial

Tips for Care:

Single Yellow Freesia corms are easy to grow in sandy, loamy, average, moist well-drained soil. They shine their brightest in full sun and thrive in quick-draining soil. When planted properly, they bloom profusely and won’t disappoint you! You will want to find a warm spot in your garden. These spring beauties pop out of precious and delicate corms.

These bulbs can be planted outdoors in the fall in zones 9 and 10 or in containers elsewhere. Many Northern gardeners also use theirs as annuals to make planting easy or bring them in for the winter as houseplants. They need lots of warmth and humidity so planting them along your foundation will be the perfect spot to keep them happy!

  • Full Sun
  • Enriched Well-Drained Soil
  • Warm Weather Bulbs
  • Moderate Moisture
  • Annual or Perennial Corms
  • Deadhead as Flowers Fade & Prune Down When Greenery Yellows

Let your spring be filled with this fanciful and bright-blooming Freesia. The Single Yellow Freesia will fill your garden with gold, fragrance and joy!

Single Yellow Freesia (Freesia (Single Yellow)) Details

Common name Single Yellow Freesia
Botanical name Freesia (Single Yellow)
Plant type Annual
Hardiness zone 8-10
Growth rate Fast
Height 12 - 16 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Foliage Yellows
Flower color Golden Yellow