Six Foot Recycled Rubber Reversible Landscaping Mulch Pathway Mat

  • Intended for Outdoor Landscaping
  • 6 Feet Long x 2 Feet Wide x 2/3 of an Inch Thick
  • Reversible to Red or Brown Mulch
  • Weather/Fade Resistant
  • Prevents Weed Growth

The Reversible Mulch Mat is meant for anyone who enjoys easy, maintenance-free landscaping that looks and performs wonderfully. The pathway can be used for a large variety of purposes, so allow your imagination to run with the possible uses.

Some common uses for the product include a bridge between flower beds, a garden path, a weed deterrent, and it can be used to cover up muddy areas. This recycled rubber, environmentally friendly product lasts years and looks nearly identical to real mulch.

Water and air travel freely through the product to allow grass underneath to be conserved. Reversible functionality allows the mat to resemble red or brown mulch.