Smoke Signal Bluestem


This wonderfully versatile plant is the perfect choice for adding color, movement, and style to sunlit borders, focal points, woodland areas and privacy screens. Erect, broomlike clumps of brilliant blue-tinted blades grow 3-4′ tall, providing summer color to the landscape. What’s even better is that the foliage takes on a stunning scarlet-red hue in late summer and turns deep red-purple in fall with small tan seed heads covering the tops of the stems. Even in winter and spring, this perennial grass maintains its beauty and interest in the garden. Deer resistant. Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Smoke Signal’ PPAF
There is a reason why garden designers and landscapers put ornamental grasses in their plans. These vibrant, beautiful plants add texture, interest and variety to any garden or landscape. Plus, they are easy to grow and a snap to maintain. Many grass varieties feature feathery plumes or striking foliage that changes color with the seasons. One of the very best things about ornamental grasses is that they don’t disappear after blooming has ended. They continue to evolve throughout the year, providing welcome color and architectural interest to the area. Don’t miss out on these fabulous plants.
  • Botanical Name:

    Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Smoke Signal’ PP27433

  • Form:
  • Sun Exposure:
    Full Sun
  • Height/Habit:
    36 – 48 inches
  • Spread:
    18 – 24 inches
  • Spacing:
    18 – 24 inches
  • Hardiness Zone:
  • Flowering Date:
    Late summer to fall
  • Planting Instructions:
    Tolerant of a wide range of soils, but will not grow well in moist, fertile soils. Often associated with high magnesium levels in the soil.
  • Growth Rate:
  • Foliage Type:
    erect, upright, broom-like clumps of slender leaves (1/4″ wide) which are tinted blue
  • Resistance:
    Deer Resistant
  • Pruning:
    Cut to the ground in late winter to early spring. Spring
  • Soil Requirement:
    average, dry to medium wet, well-drained soil in full sun. Tolerates wide range of soil conditions
  • Watering Requirement:
    drought tolerant