Soft Touch Holly Shrub (Ilex crenata ‘Soft Touch’)

Soft Touch Holly Shrub


What is Soft Touch Holly Shrub

Rising in popularity due to its manageable size and soft, flexible foliage, our Soft Touch Holly boasts classic benefits with a fresh twist. No more worries about being pricked by holly leaves in your backyard!

Plus, it’s the epitome of effortless elegance. Small, glossy leaves are accented by tiny flowers in the spring and black-hued berries in the fall and winter, attracting graceful wildlife while resisting common pests and diseases, adapting to drought and acclimating to nearly any soil type.

Even better? A mature height of just 3 feet makes it an ideal selection for gardeners with limited space and particularly well-suited to border or foundation planting. Its uniform, rounded habit is perfect for a polished yet hassle-free landscape.

We’ve done the hard work ahead of time, so you don’t have to. Because we’ve planted, grown and shipped your Soft Touch Holly with care, you get high-quality results at home. You’ll get a proven performer, with tons of easy-to-grow, great-looking benefits.

But our Hollies sell out fast – order yours today and see what all the hype’s about when it comes to the enviable Soft Touch Holly!

Soft Touch Holly Shrub (Ilex crenata 'Soft Touch') Ilex crenata 'Soft Touch'

How to Grow and Care for Soft Touch Holly Shrub

Soft Touch Holly Shrub (Ilex crenata ‘Soft Touch’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 5-9 outdoors

Sun exposure

Plant your Holly in an area with full to partial sun – at least 4 hours of sunlight daily.


Fertilization isn’t required for your Holly, but you can apply an evergreen fertilizer in the spring as needed.


First, select a location with well-drained soil and full to partial sunlight (about 4 to 8 hours of sun per day).

Then, dig a hole twice the diameter of the root ball and just as deep. Moisten the hole with water, place the plant’s roots into the hole, back full and tamp the soil firmly down around the roots to remove any air pockets.


Keep the plant moist for the first year of growth to help the plant establish roots. Generally, you should water the plant at least once per week, especially during periods of drought for optimum growth. After the first year, you should only need to water in times of extended drought.


Fertilize the Soft Touch Holly in the early spring or fall using a general purpose fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer’s label for ratio requirements.


Prune your shrub in fall or winter, and remove any broken or dead branches. The Soft Touch spreads through root suckers, so to control growth, the suckers should be pruned.

Soft Touch Holly Shrub (Ilex crenata ‘Soft Touch’) Details

Common name Soft Touch Holly Shrub
Botanical name Ilex crenata 'Soft Touch'
Plant type Shrubs, Hedges
Hardiness zone 5-9 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 2-3 ft.
Width 2-3 ft.