Sonic Bloom Ghost Weigela (Weigela florida ‘Carlton’)

Sonic Bloom Ghost Weigela

A heavy bloomer that becomes a feast for hummingbirds and pollinators, the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® selection Sonic Bloom® Ghost® Weigela (Weigela florida ‘Carlton’), features foliage that is almost supernatural in color!

The remarkable lemon-yellow foliage magically turns to a ghostly, iridescent butter yellow as the summer progresses. The striking blood-red flowers appear in spring and are preceded by equally impressive buds that are deep, dark red in color! And in case you needed more – Ghost® sporadically reblooms during the summer into fall! Much to the delight of your pollinators and beneficial insects!

Readily growing throughout USDA growing zones 4 to 8, Ghost® forms a rounded 4-5 foot tall and wide graceful form! These flowering deciduous ornamentals are just the bright pop of color your landscape needs!

Planting and Application:

Easy to grow and very heavy-blooming, this shrub deserves a prominent position in your landscape. The vivid foliage and deeply hued blooms really stand out against darker evergreens, as an ornamental hedge along an outbuilding, and will make your foundation plantings for fantastic curb appeal! Mix and match with other Sonic Bloom® Weigela for a varied mixed border in front of a hedge or dark evergreens for a dramatic display!

Turn a secluded spot in the sideyard or around a seating area, into a creative “getaway” to relax in! Then, pop a few of these special bushes at the back and sides to shield your guests with a blissful sense of privacy. Take back your front yard with a small nook for entertaining. Receive guests and neighbors in gracious style.

Sonic Bloom® Ghost® Weigela is easy to grow and makes an excellent pollinator plant in the landscape! Get ready with your camera, because pollinators and Hummingbirds will flock to your Sonic Bloom®, but deer will pass it by. Set up some hummingbird feeders and a comfy chair, because you’re about to find out quickly why groups of hummers are referred to as ‘charms’!

  • Jewel Tone Deep Reddish-Pink Blooms
  • Funnel-Shaped Blossoms Attract Butterflies & Hummingbirds
  • Heavy Blooming & Reblooming – Late Spring & Fall!
  • Dramatic Lemon-Yellow Iridescent Leaves
  • Colorful Accents & Hedges, Specimens & Curb Appeal!

Tips for Care:

You’ll get the best flowering from your Weigela shrubs in full sun. Give them at least six hours of direct sunlight a day for peak performance, although they’ll tolerate some light shade. Plant it in well-drained soil. Give your plants good air circulation, and top dress with a 3-4 inch thick layer of arborist mulch, but please pull the mulch away from touching the stems directly. The only thing this freaky plant will scare is the deer! Blooming on both new and old wood, a light pruning after the first flowers fade will encourage repeat flowering. Keep your shrubs healthy and young with renewal pruning. Simply prune out one or two of the thickest, oldest branches all the way to the ground after the first wave of blooms are done. You never need to deadhead the spent blooms, either! This self-sufficient beauty just keeps on giving without any extra care needed.

  • Happy, Energetic Shrub in Full Sun & Partial Shade
  • Well-Drained Enriched Soil
  • Moderate Moisture Needs
  • Cold-Hardy, Easy Care, Low-Maintenance
  • Deer Don’t Prefer the Taste

From the experts at Proven Winners® ColorChoice®, the vivid lemony lime foliage and dark reddish blooms of the Sonic Bloom® Ghost® Weigela will light up your landscape!

Sonic Bloom Ghost Weigela (Weigela florida ‘Carlton’) Details

Common name Sonic Bloom Ghost Weigela
Botanical name Weigela florida 'Carlton'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 4-8
Growth rate Medium
Height 4 - 5 ft.
Width 4 - 5 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Widely Adaptable
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color Reddish Pink