Southern Charm Azalea (Rhododendron x ‘Southern Charm’)

Southern Charm Azalea

Finally! A heat and humidity-tolerant Azalea! Plant yourself a designer garden with these spectacular flowering broad-leaved evergreen shrubs. Flamboyant, pink blooms cover Southern Charm Azalea (Azalea x ‘Southern Charm’) in the early mid-season each spring.

Southern Charm features noteworthy flowers that are light pink with a brighter pink blotch at the throat. This colorway adds a splashy, multi-toned depth of dimensionality for an unforgettable look. As you can clearly see, the fantastic, funnel-shaped blooms of Southern Charm Azalea plants are just the right shape for Hummingbirds. Add them as a backdrop in natural gardens to provide nectar and shelter.

With a tight, spreading habit, Southern Charm Azalea is covered with dense, dark green foliage all year-long. This modern hybrid was bred to tolerate heat and its small, elliptical leaves handle more sunshine than other cultivars. Wonderfully heat-tolerant throughout USDA growing zones 8-9 and grow to a sizeable 6-8 feet in height and width!

Planting and Application:

Prepare to dazzle your garden guests with long hedges along a woodland edge. Space them six feet apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next. Create a Garden Room with their stylish foliage and incredible blooms. Plant one as a butterfly-friendly flowering privacy screen, and use either side for different outdoor activities.

Try a trio of these large-scale shrubs as a lawn planting. They’ll look incredible spreading across a raised berm, as well! Pair Southern Charm with massive boulders, outdoor fountains, or gravel mulch as a nod to Asian design sensibilities. Southern Charm also works as a brilliant highlight near mature evergreen trees. Anchor foundation plantings, hide away nosy or messy neighbors, or create bird and wildlife-friendly groupings!

  • Flamboyant Pink Trumpet-Like Blooms
  • Hummingbirds & Butterflies!
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Spreading Compact Habit
  • Lush Green Broad-Leaved Evergreen
  • Hedges, Anchors, Specimens, Woodland Gardens & Privacy

Tips For Care

Plant in partial shade, that’s either dappled shade all day or morning sun with afternoon shade. For best performance, ensure Rhododendrons and Azaleas are planted in moist, fast-draining, acidic soil for best performance. Add Nature Hills Root Booster to the planting hole, then pull pine bark mulch up and over to cover the exposed roots.

Replicate their natural habitat of thin mountain soil by creating a mound or raised bed 18 inches tall. Choose a planting site that has well-drained soil and “mound up” when planting by leaving an inch of their rootball showing. Amend the soil with a top dressing of pine needle, peat moss, and perlite pellets, and use about a 3-4 inch layer of mulch for insulation and moisture retention.

Then, cover with a thick layer of pine mulch (avoid touching the mulch to the stem). Keep these evenly moist and pull weeds as they appear. It’s best to prune only right after the flowers are done so the new growth that develops after flowering will make flower buds for next spring.

  • Partial Shade & Dappled Shade
  • Moist, Well-Drained Soil
  • Prefers Acidic Soil
  • Prune Only Immediately After Flowering
  • Easy-Care, Vigorous Flowering Shrub

Southern Charm Azalea (Rhododendron x ‘Southern Charm’) Details

Common name Southern Charm Azalea
Botanical name Rhododendron x 'Southern Charm'
Plant type Broad-Leaved Evergreen
Hardiness zone 8-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 6 - 8 ft.
Width 6 - 8 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color Bright Pink