Spartan Blueberry Bush (Vaccinium corymbosum)

Spartan Blueberry Bush


What is Spartan Blueberry Bush

The Spartan Blueberry is the largest blueberry there is, often growing to over the size of a quarter. You won’t be able to resist picking these big, plump, juicy berries growing in your garden. Their size makes them completely irresistible.

Spartan blueberries are a dessert you don’t have to feel guilty about eating. These blueberries are so sweet, you’ll feel like you shouldn’t have too many. Don’t be fooled by their delicious flavor, these berries are packed with the good stuff your body needs like Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants.

This is a fruit that will survive the winter freeze. The Spartan Blueberry needs the sun, but can stand a cold winter. Thriving in zones 5-7, this bush can tolerate temperatures all the way down to -13°F.

Get ready for a bountiful harvest. Mature Spartan Blueberry plants can produce up to 10lbs of berries for you to enjoy. Freeze these berries for smoothies and pies or make friends and relatives really happy by giving them away. You’ll have plenty to share.

These berries are delicious and they grow on a gorgeous bush. Not only will you enjoy the undeniable sweetness of these giant blueberries, you’ll love looking at the beautiful bush as it transforms throughout the year. From the delicate, white flowers in the spring to the orange and yellow leaves of the fall, the Spartan Blueberry plant will mesmerize you all year long.

Forget about pollination, it’s got that covered. You don’t need to worry about pollinating this plant. It does it for you! Want even more bounty from your harvest? The Spartan Blueberry loves having other blueberry bushes around and they will cross-pollinate and produce even more berries for you.

You get the most for your money with a late bloom and early ripe. The Spartan Blueberry avoids the freeze and blooms late to protect itself. Then, before most other blueberry plants, the Spartan begins to bloom. You’ll get big blueberries at just the right time.

It’s called Spartan for a reason. This plant is strong… really strong. Not only can it survive the winter, this blueberry bush stands up proud and tall with thick, sturdy branches. The branches support the weight of this heavy fruit and resist drooping unlike other blueberry bushes. The blueberries produced are not only huge, they’re firm and resistant to even the toughest little pickers.

They’ll fall right into your hand. When the Spartan blueberry is ready to be picked, it easily drops from the branch right into your hand. Forget machine picked blueberries that you buy from the store or market. These are homegrown berries that you’ll love for years to come.

spartan blueberry bush

How to Grow and Care for Spartan Blueberry Bush

Spartan Blueberry Bush (Vaccinium corymbosum) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 5-7 outdoors
Harvest time June - August

Plant in full sun

The Spartan Blueberry needs plenty of sun, so be sure to select a place in your yard that gets 8 hours of full sun a day. Planting in the East or South side of your yard will ensure your berries get plenty of sunshine.

Planting Instructions

You can plant your Spartan Blueberry in your garden or in a pot. Either way, you’ll need to make sure your soil is light, well drained and acidic. Sandy loam soil with a high content of organic matter works best. You can add compost and acidic soil to your garden or pot soil for the best results. If you plant in your garden, be sure to leave 5ft. of space between your other plants. Birds love blueberries too, so make sure you use a garden net to get the most out of your harvest.


Spartan Blueberries need to be watered once a week. They typically need 1-2 inches of water each week, so if you’re experiencing a dry season, you might need to water more than once per week. Don’t overwater the bush. The roots are very shallow and can easily drown.


Once you see leaves on your plant, you can add some acidic fertilizer. After that you won’t need to fertilize the Spartan Blueberry bush until it begins to produce a harvest. Once your plant is fully mature, you can fertilize it once a year in June and again in the fall if it didn’t harvest well.


You won’t need to prune your Spartan Blueberry bush until it begins producing blueberries, which usually occurs in the 3rd season. After that, you’ll need to prune away the lowest, non-producing limbs right before the harvest each year.


The Spartan Blueberry is self-pollinating, but you will greatly increase your harvest with cross-pollination. Plant with other varieties of blueberry bushes for large harvest yields.

When to pick

Your blueberries are ready to pick and eat when they fall right into your hand. Once you see the huge blueberries turn blue, wait a week and then test to see if they’re ready. Simply run your hand across the berries. If they easily fall off without plucking, then they’re perfectly ripe. Blueberries will last 1 week in your fridge, but you’ll need to freeze them if you don’t eat them in a week. Frozen blueberries are delicious in smoothies and the Spartan Blueberry holds up well to being thawed out.

Spartan Blueberry Bush (Vaccinium corymbosum) Details

Common name Spartan Blueberry Bush
Botanical name Vaccinium corymbosum
Plant type Fruit Trees, Bushes
Hardiness zone 5-7 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time June - August
Height 5-6 ft.
Width 4-5 ft.