Starting a Container Garden


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Container gardens are the perfect solution for people who like to work in gardens but have almost no space. This type of garden gives you the opportunity to grow a variety of vegetables and flowers, but instead of using outdoor soil, use a small container. For people who live in apartments, city dwellers or homes without outside gardens where there are only balconies or small terraces, container gardens are of course very reasonable. Regardless of the size of your room, your garden can be designed with a variety of colors and beautiful scents.

The first thing to do is to choose a container for your garden. Interestingly enough, you can really use anything with a container garden. Some great options include old tubs, sinks, whiskey barrels, cups, kitchen bowls, ceramic pots, watering cans, as you call them, and you might be able to start a garden with a container. As long as the container contains soil, plants and water, you can start.

In container gardens, the type of container you choose must have a good drain in the bottom. If not, you can put two pieces of duct tape or duct tape in a cross pattern at the bottom and then drill through the center with a small drill and slowly work it out until it’s about 1 inch in diameter. Before adding soil to the container, we recommend placing the broken pot or gravel in the soil to keep the soil in the pot, especially when watering.

Wooden containers are a popular choice for container gardens. In this case, make sure that the container is quality wood. If not, there might be a case of bad wood rot. Also, never use pretreated wood. As a result, wood is treated with preservatives that enter the ground and can damage plants. If your heart is fixed on the tree, just choose mahogany or cedar and an excellent choice.

You also want to make sure you have fun building your container garden. You will often find colorful jewelry or figures around the house or garage that are perfect for enhancing the look of your garden. If not, instead of spending a lot of money, you can browse local thrift stores, buy containers and cranes. With container gardens, you can make a nice appearance, something Victorian in style, it might look simple, or a colorful and unique garden.

Starting a Container Garden

Another important aspect of container gardens is soil. Because you plant indoors, the soil in your garden is usually good, but you should consider buying a good bag of land, which usually costs less than $ 5. The reason is that the land purchased gives you a clean mix of disease and weeds. An important tip to remember when and if you are going to count one of these plants – never reuse soil from a container.

The growing mixture that you use in a horticultural container also functions to drain water quickly. It is important to provide enough moisture to keep the roots moist without the plants sitting in wet wet soil, which can cause root rot and other diseases. You also want to take into account the plants that you plant, because some of them require different balances of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Just leave the top two inches of the container between the top and bottom.

Because the soil for your container garden is formulated to dry quickly, fertilizer is important. A good rule of thumb is: the lighter the soil, the more often you need to fertilize. We recommend that you use runny liquid fertilizer. The two best choices for healthy fruits and vegetables and live flowers are liquid algae or fish emulsions. However, keep in mind that different plants have different nutritional requirements to try to buy plants with the same needs.


Container gardens usually need around five to six hours of direct sunlight a day. If you want to grow vegetables like carrots or beets, they need more and more fruits like tomatoes and cucumbers. With flowers, this depends on the type of flower planted. In this case, it is best to read sunlight recommendations for plants when buying and buying flowers with the same requirements.

If you plan to plant flowers in your container garden, the fun part now starts with choosing what you want to plant. Even though you have hundreds and hundreds of options, here are some of our recommendations:

Browallia – top shape that is just beautiful. This desert blue bell can handle all types of conditions. In addition, these flowers are beautiful as the main attraction or plant filler.

Coleus – This type of ornamental plant produces beautiful bronze, white honey, golden, yellow, red, pink and purple leaves. Coleus is durable and strong and is the perfect addition to any container garden.

Impatient – Impatient flowers are sweet but fertile. The petals glow with beautiful corals, peaches and pink with dark borders on the petals, making each flower different.

Evergreen – This type of flower is practically a disease and not a pest. Best of all, it looks simple. The flowers have a beautiful white and pink color and give your garden a soft color.

Snapdragon – Everybody likes Snapdragon. If you have a container garden that can hold a certain height, these flowers offer a magical carpet in yellow, orange, pink and bright red.

Black-eyed Susan – Ideal for container gardens. These flowers are actually fast-growing vines that provide amazing yellow, orange and white flowers with firm eyes, hence the name.

Keep in mind that only a few of these interest recommendations need to be considered. The best thing about container parks is doing what you like. When you have chosen a container and soil, select the flowers, plants, vegetables, herbs or fruits that you like. You will be amazed by how valuable the container garden is.


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