Steeds Japanese Holly Shrub (Ilex crenata ‘Steeds’)

Steeds Japanese Holly Shrub


What is Steeds Japanese Holly Shrub

Dense green foliage, a neat upright form, and virtually no upkeep…with the Steeds Japanese Holly, you get a full landscape transformation in one sleek package. Plus, unlike many other varieties, it offers extra interest with small white flowers and ornamental berries.

This small black fruit emerges throughout the winter, creating a unique centerpiece for graceful wildlife in your garden. From low shrubbery and hedging to tall groundcovers, the Steeds’ habit, steady growth rate, and smaller leaves make it well-suited for any area.

Planted in groups, the Steeds’ well-branched, pyramidal forms mold together to form a polished, tidy sea of rich evergreen color. And you get it all without excessive pruning or care.

But the best part about our Japanese Holly Shrub? It’s made to adapt and grow well, with healthy results as soon as it arrives at your door. That’s because we plant, monitor and ship your Steeds with care.

Unlike other big-box retailers or chain garden centers, we put in the extra work to meticulously nurture your Steeds and ensure it’s a proven performer.

Your Steeds Holly is delivered in a pot with well-developed roots. Bare-root plants from big-box have a 50/50 chance of long-term survival…but your Steeds Holly from GardenCenterPoint is grown to give you amazing results for seasons to come.

So, reap the rewards of our hard work.

Steeds Japanese Holly Shrub (Ilex crenata 'Steeds') Ilex crenata 'Steeds'

How to Grow and Care for Steeds Japanese Holly Shrub

Steeds Japanese Holly Shrub (Ilex crenata ‘Steeds’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 5-8 outdoors

Sun exposure

Plant your Holly in an area with full to partial sun – at least 4 hours of sunlight daily.


Fertilization isn’t required for your Holly, but you can apply an evergreen fertilizer in the spring as needed.


Your Steeds Japanese Holly Shrub is highly adaptable, but it’s important to select the right location – preferably one that receives 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day and with well-drained soil. After selecting a location, dig a hole that’s two to three times the size of your shrub’s root ball, place your shrub, then backfill the soil while tamping down the soil to avoid air pockets. After planting, water to settle your shrub’s roots.


Water your Steeds Holly weekly, or more often in extreme heat. If you’re not sure when to water your shrub, simply check its surrounding soil down to about 2 or 3 inches. If the soil here is dry, water your shrub.


Feed your Steeds Holly Shrub with a general-purpose fertilizer in early spring.


If you want a neater appearance for your Steeds Holly Shrub, prune or shear annually in winter to shape it.

Steeds Japanese Holly Shrub (Ilex crenata ‘Steeds’) Details

Common name Steeds Japanese Holly Shrub
Botanical name Ilex crenata 'Steeds'
Plant type Shrubs, Hedges
Hardiness zone 5-8 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 6-8 ft.
Width 5-6 ft.