Steel the Show Sedum (Sedum ‘Steel the Show’)

Steel the Show Sedum

Put the finishing touch on your landscape design with late-blooming Steel the Show Sedum (Sedum ‘Steel the Show’)! Contrast with the green of the usual garden fare by including these dense, low, compact mounds of silvery blue-green foliage and rich, rosy-pink flowers in the fall.

This improved cultivar features small, silvery gray-green leaves and tens of thousands of free-flowering terminal compound flower cymes that completely cover the foliage! These in turn will be covered in hungry bees and butterflies! Also known as Stonecrop, these hardy perennials show off their gorgeous foliage and tiny, star-shaped flowers that fill their flower clusters.

Their compact growth habit resists opening in the center of the crown. Add them to your groundcover Sedum collection to continue the flower power by several weeks in early fall and look great in dried floral décor and winter interest. Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 3 to 8, this Sedum is a designer secret for a lovely carpet of color that is super cold-hardy and drought-tolerant.

Planting and Application:

Sedum Steel the Show are at home in sunny borders, and makes an elegant addition to any landscape! With its modern color styling, it suits garden styles from Zen to English. Add them to patio pots, and container gardens, or tuck as edging along your sunny garden border. They’ll happily scramble along the ground to soften Rock Gardens, too!

Steel the Show is a ground-hugging perennial that thrives in tough spots. Thin, rocky, and poor soil is a wonderful site for this durable succulent! Why work too hard in the yard? Rely on tough plants like Sedum to make your life easier! Stonecrop are fast-growing and performs beautifully in the most difficult of Xeric growing conditions while looking good doing it. Plus Sedum are on Firewise landscaping plants and can be used in defensible spaces around your home!

this mat-forming low-growing plants crowd out weeds, and are ideal for use as mass plantings and erosion control on slopes! Growing to a 14-16 inch wide mature spread, you’ll want to plant about that width by measuring from the center of one to the center of the next. Plant them closer for a faster fill of these small succulents! Create a mass planting using a zig-zagging planting pattern with staggered rows to cover your space.

  • Starry Pink Blossoms
  • Silvery Blue-Green Succulent Foliage
  • Compact Low-Growing Mounds
  • Butterfly & Bee Friendly
  • Containers, Mass Plantings, Specimens & Focal Points

Tips for Care:

Steel the Show Sedum can tolerate heavy rain and wind. Just ensure you plant these perennials in full sun and very well-drained soil for best results. Establish your new Steel the Show Sedum with a moderate schedule of water. Once is established, it’ll be a low-water usage plant – tolerant of high heat and drought. All plants appreciate a 3-4 inch thick layer of arborist mulch around their roots. Snip spent flower stalks as needed to further extend the season of bloom. Do any gentle cleanup of dried foliage in early spring with a very light raking or by hand to avoid damage.

  • Best Color in Full Sun
  • Moderate to Low Soil Moisture Once Established
  • Nearly Any Very Well-Drained Soil Type
  • Prune Back Early Spring
  • Drought Tolerant & Deer Seldom Bother These

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Steel the Show Sedum (Sedum ‘Steel the Show’) Details

Common name Steel the Show Sedum
Botanical name Sedum 'Steel the Show'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 3-8
Growth rate Medium
Height 6 - 8 inches
Width 14 - 16 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Low Once Established
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Rose Pink