Stewartia Tree For Sale

A pyramidal-shaped, deciduous tree that’s a lovely statement-maker in the landscape—no matter the season. In early summer, fragrant, camellia-like blooms with white petals and orange centers cover the tree and highlight its dark green foliage. In the fall, the foliage turns a dramatic bronze-purple color. The bark is exfoliating, making the trunk of this tree just as striking as the blooms. It is slow growing, but do be sure to plant it far enough from the house to accomodate its mature spread of 20-25′. Deer tend not to bother this variety. Stewartia pseudocamellia
  • Botanical Name:

    Stewartia pseudocamellia

  • Form:
  • Sun Exposure:
    Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Height/Habit:
    15 – 30 feet
  • Spread:
    20 – 25 feet
  • Spacing:
    20 – 25 feet
  • Hardiness Zone:
  • Flowering Date:
  • Planting Instructions:
    Plant in full sun.
  • Winter Care:
    Frost sensitive when tree is young.
  • Growth Rate:
    Moderate once established
  • Flower Color:
  • Flower Form:
    Very camellia like
  • Foliage Type:
    Fresh green leaves
  • Pruning:
    none necessary
  • Soil Requirement:
    well drained soil