Strawberry Guava Trees

Fragrant, Sweet and Juicy Red Strawberry Guava

  • Classic Guava flavor with Strawberry Overtones
  • Glossy Green Foliage
  • Great Privacy Screen

Are you looking for one of the tastiest Guava varieties? Well, look no further. The Red Strawberry Guava (Psidium cattleianum) is one of the most scrumptious Guavas you’ll find. You may know it by its other names: Chinese Guava or Cattley Guava. Luckily, it doesn’t mind which name you use. And with loads of vitamins A and C and Omega 3 and 6, as well as rich in fiber, this plant offers more than most gardeners realize!

This sub-tropical plant closely related to the Tropical White Guava (Psidium guavjava ‘Topical White’, will provide plenty of petite summertime fruit which ranges from green to magenta. The soft white flesh is sweet and fragrant.

This variety is known for its acidic strawberry-like flavor with hints of passionfruit and lime. And while this variety grows to only be about an inch and a half long, they are extremely juicy! Its skin is also edible, with the subtle flavor of rose petals.

If you’re wondering about ways to eat this tasty fruit, they’re nearly limitless. You can eat it plucked fresh from the plant or cut up a few Guavas to add to your yogurt or ice cream. You’ll be the talk of the town if you add a few to your next potluck fruit salad, or you can be adventurous and create a sweet and savory salsa!

Where should you plant your Red Strawberry Guava? In your yard, of course! This variety makes a great bush if kept pruned up for size.

Left alone to grow to its mature height and spread, it provides plenty of privacy as a screen or hedge. It makes a fabulous fruiting background of your garden with rich, glossy green leaves. Trust us, it’s hard to overlook this attractive plant.

While this plant will warrant all of your adoration, it won’t waste all of your gardening time. It’s self-fruitful and highly adaptable to a wide variety of soils. It prefers full sun and moist soils but will tolerate low moisture soil or brief periods of drought.

If you love Guava, but you’re unsure of which variety to grow, the fragrant Red Strawberry Guava is a great choice. Its flavor tastes like the classic sweet fruit with hints of strawberry. Order yours today!