Summer Magic Blackhaw Viburnum (Viburnum prunifolium ‘Summer Magic’)

Summer Magic Blackhaw Viburnum

Enchant your guests from late spring through fall with a gorgeous cultivar of the lovely native shrub, the Summer Magic Blackhaw Viburnum (Viburnum prunifolium ‘Summer Magic’) has gorgeous springtime flowers that are powerful magnets for butterflies and beneficial pollinators of all types. You’ll do a great deed for local ecology with this showy choice!

Striking Summer Magic Blackhaw Viburnum was selected for its attractive new growth of red leaves. The bold red leaves gradually turn pink, then start to green up for summer. This upright, rounded Blackhaw is more compact than the species because it doesn’t exhibit the horizontal fishbone branching of the species.

Once the temperatures drop late in the season, you’ll be treated to a spectacular display of red and yellow. Add their rustic charm to flower arrangements for your harvest table. Pollinator for Forest Rouge and Blackhaw Viburnums, pair these other lovely shrubs together and increase the amount of those gorgeous berries for you and your wildlife!

Planting and Application:

Keep these Viburnum as an attractive upright shrub or small tree. People have kept these as “right-sized” patio trees. Simply select a single main trunk or keep several, then remove the other stems and limb up the lower branches. Keep one as a specimen to enjoy the full ornamental display!

It develops into a dense screen that shelters songbirds while extending privacy for your family and friends. Place them near your seating area for welcome shade and screen. It fits well in courtyards and can be grown in oversized garden containers for many years. Anchor your foundation planting with a specimen. Or add several in an undulating planting to decorate the rough edge of the woodland. Commercial property owners can add a valuable selling feature by establishing a mass planting.

Run walking paths through the plantings, and include a water feature and seating areas to entice tenants and foot traffic. There are plenty of lovely features to enjoy all season long. Plant them five feet apart for a solid, informal hedge. Grace your property line with a long row of these easy-care shrubs without the chore of shearing.

  • Springtime Beauty with Creamy-White Flowers
  • Perfect Nectar Resource for Essential Pollinators & Butterflies
  • Dark Green Leathery Textured Leaves & Vivid Red & Yellow Fall Color
  • Edible Blue-Black Fruit for Songbirds and Wildcrafters
  • Hedges, Specimen, Habitat, En Masse & Screens

Tips for Care:

Give Viburnum full sun to partial shade, where it will receive at least four hours of sunlight a day. The more sun, the brighter the fall color will be. Well-drained soils are best. But this rugged selection is adaptable to poor soils, compacted soils, occasionally moist soils, dry soils, moderate heat, drought, and pollution.

Supply moderate water on a consistent basis for best results. Mulch over the root system, then pull it back away from touching the trunk. If needed, prune to shape after flowering. Make strategic cuts, with the goal to keep a balanced canopy and open the interior to sunlight and air circulation. Any pruning however will remove your songbird’s fall feast. Instead, Renewal prune every 3-4 years by removing the oldest fattest stems to the ground and encouraging new growth still enjoy the berries.

  • Tolerates Either Full Sun or Partial Shade
  • No Significant Pests or Diseases
  • Adaptable Plant Handles Tough Sites, Clay & Compacted Soil
  • Tolerates Periodically Dry & Moist Soils
  • Compact Choice for Small Space Gardens
  • Juglone Tolerant & Seldom Damaged By Deer

Prepare to accept compliments on this top choice. Colorful flowering Summer Magic Blackhaw Viburnum makes an enchanting addition to your landscape.

Summer Magic Blackhaw Viburnum (Viburnum prunifolium ‘Summer Magic’) Details

Common name Summer Magic Blackhaw Viburnum
Botanical name Viburnum prunifolium 'Summer Magic'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 8 - 10 ft.
Width 6 - 8 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color White