Sunbow Solar Flare Azalea (Rhododendron ‘QbackB’ PP27083)

Sunbow Solar Flare Azalea

Like a brilliant splash of sunshine in the spring yard, Sunbow® Solar Flare™ Azalea (Rhododendron ‘QbackB’ PP27083) features bright yellow blooms, with just a hint of orange for an additional dash of spice. The buds have a darker orange-red hue, adding a two-toned effect as the flowers come into bloom! Watch as bees, butterflies, Hummingbirds, and curious neighbors flock to your yard to get a better look!

The amazing exotic trusses of blossoms are further enhanced by their luscious honeysuckle fragrance, a sure draw to your yard’s pollinators who will only add to the natural majesty of the spring display. Even when Sunbow® Solar Flare™ Azalea is done flowering in the spring, the verdant foliage provides a lovely, well-branched shrub for the rest of the season!

Solar Flare™ is a part of the Sunbow® Azalea Series and as such, offers larger flowers with more vivid coloring! This flowering Azalea is a deciduous, ornamental bush with an upright nature and does well in sun or part shade. Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 5 to 9, these spring exotic treats are wonderfully cold and heat tolerant and easy to grow!

Planting and Application:

An exciting Solar Flare™ would look perfect as an accent in your sideyard, or anchoring your front entry plantings! Anywhere you can frequently walk by to enjoy the vivid spring display or inhale the honeysuckle-like fragrance! Add tropical flair to your poolside plantings and outdoor entertaining areas in the sun! The shrubby form needs little maintenance and works as an airy hedge for screening, or bird-friendly groupings and hedgerows alike!

Also doing well in partial shade, use this vibrant flowering shrub anywhere it can brighten up even the dingiest corners in your yard! Pollinator borders and moist Zen gardens, a lively cottage border, or dress up a perennial garden! Go big and take out some front lawn and plant yellow and orange spring bulbs, juicy-hued perennials and bright green groundcovers, then plant a Solar Flare™ in the middle! ‘Limb it up’ to create a spectacular tree form multi-trunked tree from its 6-8 foot tall canopy and expose the lower branches! You’ll gain major neighborhood clout!

  • Trusses of Orange-Red Buds & Bright Yellow Flowers
  • Wildlife Interest & Pollinator-Friendly
  • Unique Honeysuckle Fragrance
  • Bright Green Deciduous Foliage
  • Limb Up Into a Tree Form Focal Point!
  • Works Well in Hedges, Screening, Groupings, Vibrant Specimens & Accents!

Tips For Care

Azaleas are long-lived landscaping classics and thrive in both full sun and partial shade in cooler climates, and morning sun with afternoon shade in hotter growing zones. They like moist soil and require little care beyond well-drained soil. Best in rich soil that is mulched so their shallow root systems do not dry out. Ensure they are not in soggy sites, so berm the area by 18-24 inches and plant directly into this mound if you suspect poor drainage.

Azaleas are Rhododendron family members and can be left to grow naturally, but they don’t mind some pruning if you’d like a more defined shape. An extremely hardy Azalea, if you do wish to give it a trim, prune it immediately after flowering only.

  • Sun Tolerant & Partial Shade
  • Moderate to Moist Soil
  • Well-Drained Very Enriched Soil
  • Prune Right After Flowering
  • Year Round Foliage

Get a burst of floral sunshine with the gorgeous Sunbow® Solar Flare™ Azalea! Tropical blooms and fragrant exotic hues can be yours as soon as you place your order

Sunbow Solar Flare Azalea (Rhododendron ‘QbackB’ PP27083) Details

Common name Sunbow Solar Flare Azalea
Botanical name Rhododendron 'QbackB' PP27083
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 6 - 8 ft.
Width 4 - 5 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well-Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color Yellow & Orange-Red