Sunny Knock Out Rose (Rosa ‘RADsunny’)

Sunny Knock Out Rose


What is Sunny Knock Out Rose

This delightful new shrub rose from the Knock Out Rose series has all the benefits of the Knock Out series, from fast growth to drought tolerance and disease-resistance, with a new twist: Bright, lemon-yellow color and a sweet fragrance.

And its sunshine yellow blooms last up to nine months, all while standing up to pests, diseases, and little watering with ease. Plus, since it thrives in an array of soils and conditions, it’s essentially a plant-and-forget variety. Even better is the fact that it grows in a more upright habit…making pruning generally unnecessary.

In fact, since Knock Out Roses are incredibly easy-to-grow and adapt to a wide range of climates across the country, they’re a favorite amongst landscape professionals and homeowners for their reliability. The blooming just goes on and on, from late spring until frost, without effort.

Your Sunny Knock Out Rose is grown, nurtured and shipped with care to promote more branching. More branching means more blooms!

We monitor and check your Knock Out Roses before we ship them out, so you get an explosion of growth as soon as they arrive at your door. We’ve done the hard work – now, you get continuous blooms for up to nine months without the need for excessive watering or care, as well as a high-quality, robust root system.

With our larger sizes, you’ll get a fully-formed look and explosive color almost immediately.

So, don’t wait – the Sunny Knock Out delivers three seasons of beauty, hassle-free. Get your Sunny Knock Out Rose today!

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Sunny Knock Out Rose (Rosa 'RADsunny') Rosa 'RADsunny'

How to Grow and Care for Sunny Knock Out Rose

Sunny Knock Out Rose (Rosa ‘RADsunny’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 4-11 outdoors


Select a well-drained area in full to partial sun (3 to 6 hours of direct morning sunlight with afternoon shade).

Dig a hole twice as wide and twice as deep as the root ball. Backfill the soil until you have a hole the same size or slightly larger than the container the rose is in. Plant the rose at the same depth as it is in the container. Mulch around the base of the shrub to keep competing weeds and grasses from growing.


Water around the roots rather than overhead, and water about once or twice weekly. If you’re not sure when to water, simply check your surrounding soil about 3 inches down for dryness. Mulching will greatly assist with soil moisture retention.


Feed with a rose fertilizer once a month.


You won’t have to prune your Rose for the first few seasons. If you want to shape your shrub after a few seasons,sterilize your pruning shears with hot water or rubbing alcohol, and always prune at an angle. Start by pruning back a little in the spring after the last hard freeze and prune it back to 12 inches off the ground after it is established. Remove dead or old canes at any time.

Sunny Knock Out Rose (Rosa ‘RADsunny’) Details

Common name Sunny Knock Out Rose
Botanical name Rosa 'RADsunny'
Plant type Shrubs, Hedges
Hardiness zone 4-11 outdoors
Growth rate Fast
Height 3-4 ft.
Width 3-4 ft.