SunSparkler Jade Tuffet Sedum (Sedum ‘Jade Tuffet’)

SunSparkler Jade Tuffet Sedum

If you want to bring beautiful color into your landscaping, then you have come to the right place with the SunSparkler® Jade Tuffet Sedum (Sedum ‘Jade Tuffet’). Starting in the spring, the long and slender, shiny green foliage dramatically stands out from its bright cherry-red stems! Its unique coloration will be sure to catch everyone’s attention!

Before you know it, in the summer, its engaging stem and foliage hold the most perfect, petite dark pink flowers that emerge powerfully, making everyone drop what they’re doing to stop and admire its beauty! And the number of beneficial pollinators, bees, and butterflies that will arrive are sure to appreciate the long display of nectar-rich star-shaped blooms!

One of the famous SunSparkler® series developed by Chris Hansen, Jade Tuffet thrives throughout USDA growing zones 4 to 9! Heat and chill hardy, seldom bothered by deer and rabbits, these late-season blooming herbaceous perennial Sedums can handle about anything! Once the flowers are overtaken by frost, they remain as unique winter interest.

Planting and Application:

The SunSparkler® Jade Tuffet Stonecrop remains a neat and tidy individual specimen that adds lovely color to mixed Perennial gardens and Rock Gardens alike! The dense bunches work incredibly well as an edging plant, or in any other hot and dry areas along the roadside, sidewalk, or driveway.

Stonecrop are fast-growing and performs beautifully in the most difficult of Xeric growing conditions. Plus Sedum are on Firewise landscaping plants and can be used in defensible spaces around your home!

These are cheerful and colorful focal points in mixed or specimen planters and also work miracles in container gardens on your patio or porch. Or if you need an elegant appearance to line the walkway to your front door, this plant will do the trick.

In mass plantings, Jade Tuffet makes a bold statement and leaves a lasting impact on the overall look of your landscaping! You won’t be able to take your eyes off of the endless beauty! You aren’t the only one who will want to soak up this plant’s gorgeousness. The birds and butterflies will put on a show for you as they go insane for the SunSparkler® Jade Tuffet Stonecrop as well!

  • Narrow Shiny Green Foliage on Cherry-Red Stems
  • Perfect, Petite Dark Pink Summer Blooms
  • Easy to Grow & Care For
  • Pollinator & Butterfly-Friendly
  • Containers, Mass Plantings, Specimens & Xeric/Fire-Wise Landscapes

Tips for Care:

This rather low-maintenance plant enjoys being in full sun or partial shade with rich well-drained soil for the best growth possible of about 12 inches tall and 20 inches wide! This rugged perennial does best being watered carefully to establish during its first season but once is established, it’ll be a low-water usage plant – tolerant of high heat and drought. All plants appreciate a 3-4 inch thick layer of arborist mulch around their roots. Carefully prune and clean up any fallen leaves and last year’s seedheads in spring just before the new growth begins to show.

  • Best Color & Strongest Stems in Full Sun
  • Moderate to Low Soil Moisture Once Established
  • Nearly Any Very Well-Drained Soil Type
  • Prune Back Early Spring
  • Drought Tolerant & Deer Resistant

Everyone will enjoy these vibrant perennials!

SunSparkler Jade Tuffet Sedum (Sedum ‘Jade Tuffet’) Details

Common name SunSparkler Jade Tuffet Sedum
Botanical name Sedum 'Jade Tuffet'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 4-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 12 - 15 inches
Width 18 - 24 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Low Once Established
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Bright Pink