SunSparkler Plum Dazzled Sedum (Sedum rupestre ‘Plum Dazzled’)

SunSparkler Plum Dazzled Sedum

The SunSparkler® series is introducing a deeply color-saturated Sedum that will add depth and drama to your landscape! The dark, plum-purple-tinged foliage of Plum Dazzled Stonecrop (Sedum rupestre ‘Plum Dazzled’) has new growth that is deep-green with purple tinges, giving a subtle two-tone effect.

The small leaves are tightly clustered, waxy, and have slightly toothed margins, lending a unique texture to go along with that show-stopping color combination. This amazing perennial Sedum groundcover fills your landscape with color! Forming dense, compact clumps of midnight dark, plum-colored foliage, and brighter new growth, only growing to 8 inches high and up to 18 inches wide.

Dark, cherry-pink-colored flowers, born in clusters, bring some brightness to the twilight hues and are boosted by the dark backdrop of foliage. Pink blooms in summer last until fall frost, and your local pollinators won’t be able to resist these blooms!

The seed heads dry on the plant in autumn, and you can either prune these off for a clean winter appearance or leave them for both winter interest that sculpts the snow, or food for songbirds! Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 4 to 9!

Planting and Application:

SunSparkler® Sedum Plum Dazzled is an intense and unique addition to any garden bed or border! The vivid coloration and bold blooms add depth and drama to the landscape all growing season-long!

Sunny beds and Cottage gardens will become bewitching with this vibrant foliage mixing with other brighter plants. Pollinator and Rock Gardens benefit from these brooding plants because of their ability to grow in almost any type of soil! Pair with other lovely SunSparkler® varieties like Wildfire and Dazzleberry for a unique display.

Compact for any sized garden, urban lot, terrace or balcony, or even nestling neatly among your existing plantings, so anyone has room for a few of these mysterious beauties! Seating areas, birdbaths, outdoor sculptures, and urns become the main feature with a skirting of these highlighting their base! Plum Dazzler is a vibrant spiller and filler in planters and containers, happily rambling around your sun-baked patios and porches.

Asian and Zen-inspired gardens welcome this showy Sedum, well-known for its drought tolerance which makes them amazing for Xeric gardens, while its heat tolerance makes them perfect for Fire-wise landscaping.

Boost your landscaping with en masse plantings in mixed-perennial borders and hot sunny beds will be amplified enormously because of this incredible color combo! Great for erosion control, Sedum creeps and spreads readily without much care, so fill that hard-to-mow slope with bright color! Also very salt-tolerant, Sedum thrives in that ‘hell strip’ along the sidewalk or street. Gardeners in coastal areas can also enjoy Stonecrop near ocean spray without worry.

Each mound will grow together to form a carpet of vivid color, creating a low-maintenance groundcover in the sun. These naturally spill and tumble over rock walls and retaining walls beautifully.

  • Brilliant Cherry-Red Foliage With Pink Margins
  • Bright Rosy-Red Flowers
  • Bees & Butterflies Love the Blooms!
  • Vigorous Growth & Small Succulent Leaves
  • Dense & Spreading Habit
  • Winter Interest & Food For Birds
  • Clump-Forming Groundcover, Edging, Slopes, En Masse & Specimens!

Tips for Care:

Plum Dazzled Stonecrop loves the full sun and tolerates humidity, heat, and sun all summer without fail. Handling some partial sun in hotter climates. These are deer and rabbit-resistant, plus they are pest and disease-resistant. Stonecrop has very low moisture needs and is very cold hardy in growing zones 4 up through 9.

Sedum thrives in almost any kind of growing medium, even poor, rocky, and sandy well-drained soils without any problems. In fact, this perennial grown in organically rich soil are actually lanky and weak-stemmed. You can add a 3-4 inch thick layer of arborist mulch to the base to help keep moisture more regulated and enrich the soil. Stonecrop benefits from division every few years and the removal of dead debris each early spring. But other than that, requires no other work!

  • Best Color in Full Sun
  • Grows In Poor to Average Well-Drained Soil
  • Prune Back In Very Early Spring
  • Humidity, Heat, Salt & Drought Tolerant Plant
  • Easy to Grow & Low Maintenance, Rabbit & Deer Resistant

You will be dazzled by the deep plum purples and dark pink blooms of the SunSparkler® Plum Dazzled Stonecrop!

SunSparkler Plum Dazzled Sedum (Sedum rupestre ‘Plum Dazzled’) Details

Common name SunSparkler Plum Dazzled Sedum
Botanical name Sedum rupestre 'Plum Dazzled'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 4-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 8 - 10 inches
Width 18 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Low Once Established
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Pink