Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry Tree (Prunus ‘Eubank’)

Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry Tree

  • Large Sweet-Tart Fruit
  • Dark Red Color
  • Self-Fertile
  • Compact Smaller Tree
  • Lush Foliage All Growing Season
  • Lovely White Flowers
  • Late Bloom Time
  • Easy to Grow
  • Very Cold Hardy
  • Consistent Heavy Harvest
  • Mid-July Harvest
  • About 800 Chill Hours
  • Fresh Eating, Fantastic Jams, Jellies & Pies

Can you just imagine a sweet cherry pie made from the fruit picked from your very own tree? Sweet Cherry Pie makes that possible in even the smallest garden or small orchard!

Your Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry Tree (Prunus ‘Eubank’) will be heavily laden with fruit each summer. Said to be sweeter than most other sour cherry varieties, with the fruit ripening in mid-July.

A compact sweet-tart fruit, it’s great for the home garden or small orchards. Self-fertile requiring one tree to get bushels of large cherries, easy to grow, these are dependable producers!

Introduced out of Wisconsin, it’s fast gaining popularity in all cold climates.

How to Use Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry Tree In The Landscape

A picturesque Cherry tree adding great curb appeal with white spring blooms and graceful form, this tree lends to your garden is amazing.

Use as a focal point anchoring your foundation or to shade patios and garden beds. Great in rows as screening, or lining your driveway with 3-seasons of beauty!

The sweetest tasting cherries are tart fresh eating like a Bing Cherry, the fruit makes lovely jams, jellies and baked goods. A summer pie of sweet cherries will have everyone at the potluck drooling!

Tips For Care

These trees do best in full sun, especially the cooler USDA growing zones 3-7. These prefer some afternoon shade in the hotter growing zones.

Maintain a consistently moist site in well-drained soil and enrich the planting area with plenty of organic matter.

Prune to keep an open canopy for air circulation and for the health of your tree.

You’ll love the sweet, healthy fruit Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry Tree provides your family while taking up a fraction of the space!

Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry Tree (Prunus ‘Eubank’) Details

Common name Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry Tree
Botanical name Prunus 'Eubank'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 3-7
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time 3-5 Years
Height 12 - 16 ft.
Width 10 - 12 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Widely Adaptable
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Late Winter
Flower color White
Leaf color Green