Sweet Kumquats

Pop You Home-Grown Sweet Kumquats in Your Mouth and Enjoy!

  • Super sweet bite-sized fruit
  • Kumquats are rich with nutritional benefits
  • Beautiful plant can be grown indoors or indoor/outdoor as a patio plant
  • Easy to grow in pots

The Sweet Kumquat tree doesn’t just produce nutrient-rich fruit, it also makes a gorgeous house or patio plant with beautiful, fragrant blooms and colorful fruit. The attractive evergreen leaves are a glossy and vibrant green. This dwarf fruit tree stays small, only reaching about 6 to 10 feet tall when planted in the ground. It stays smaller when grown in pots and can be kept as a small bush when maintained with pruning which it tolerates well.

Enjoy growing your very own bite-sized citrus fruit. The Sweet Kumquat is even tastier than traditional kumquats with a sweeter flavor. The skin is, of course, edible as is the fruit inside. Most kumquat lovers simply pop the entire fruit in their mouth like candy! Kumquats are mainly eaten fresh, but can also be pickled, candied, and made into jam or marmalade.

Sweet Kumquat Tree Care

Sweet Kumquat trees grow best in full sun.  Citrus trees require well-drained soil. Allow the soil to dry out before watering.  Water kumquat trees deeply when the soil is dry.
Feed these dwarf citrus trees with Espoma Citrus-Tone in late winter, late spring, and early fall.  This tree is self-fertile.


Choose a pot and quality organic planting mix that drain well.   Place your potted plant in the sunniest spot in your home. Rotate your plant as needed for even growth.

Indoor plants will enjoy a thorough watering about once a week or so, but this varies. Measure the soil moisture by placing your finger down into the soil about 2 inches. If it feels cool and moist hold off. If it feels warm and dry, go ahead and water.

These tropical plants love humidity. Spray plants with water about once daily during winter to keep them happy indoors. A humidifier can also be used.

Container-grown kumquats require more consistent feeding that kumquat trees that are grown in the ground. Apply Espoma Citrus-Tone every 60 days from late winter through fall.

Trim the Sweet Kumquat tree to maintain size. This tree can handle heavy pruning and can be pruned anytime.

Avoid drafty spots in your home as they can dry your tree out.