Tarocco Blood Orange

This Italian Treat is the Sweetest Blood Orange

Italy in the 1800’s provided the world with priceless treasures – the operas Rigoletto and Aida, the Neoclassical style of architecture, the beloved story of Pinocchio. Italy also provided us with the priceless taste of Tarocco Blood Orange (Citrus sinensis I. Osbeck ‘Tarocco’). It was first introduced to Florida citrus growers from Italy in the 1880’s and quickly spreading to California citrus groves.

Tarocco Blood Orange is the sweetest and juiciest of all of the blood oranges, but it has never caught on here like it did in Italy. There it is still called the supreme “arancia da tavola” (table orange) and commands a full 60% of all of the blood orange production. But just because it hasn’t caught on here doesn’t mean it shouldn’t! You will love the rich red-blushed flesh and sweet orange/raspberry taste. Many citrus growers say it is their favorite of all oranges. (But don’t let those experts sway you. Try it for yourself!)

Tarocco needs a little chill in the winter night air to bring out its best coloration, but the color doesn’t determine the taste. It will blow you over no matter how red the flesh gets.

It takes about 5 years for this tree to produce harvestable batches of fruit, but once it starts it will give you more fruit than you can handle. Your friends are going to love you!!

The sooner you order the sooner you eat! Order today.

  • Medium-sized orange fruit with red-blushed flesh
  • Evergreen thrives in full sun
  • Huge harvests once established