Teeple Red Royal Empire Apple Tree (Malus x ‘Teeple Red Empire’)

Teeple Red Royal Empire Apple Tree

  • A True Red Apple
  • Sport of the Empire Apple
  • Crisp Fruit with a Hint of Pineapple

When you are looking at apples in the produce section of your favorite grocery store, what do you look for? For many, the phrase “Redder is better” is their motto, and it is especially appropriate for the Teeple Red Royal™ Empire Apple (Malus domestica ‘Teeple Red Royal Empire’). This red beauty is better than so many of the rest.

The Teeple Red Royal Empire Apple was discovered as a limb sport on an Empire Apple tree by Russel Teeple from upstate New York. The apples on this particular limb were noticeable redder than the apples on the rest of the tree.

The Teeple Red Royal Empire Apple has snow white flesh that is sweet with a crisp texture and just a hint of pineapple flavor. The apples are moderately sized and almost totally deep red, unlike other Empire varieties that are about 75% red.

The Teeple Red’s unique flavor and texture make them an excellent addition to salads, and they are ideal for cider as well as baked desserts because the shape of the slices holds up well.

If winter leaves you looking for spring blooms, the Teeple Red Royal Empire flowers earlier than most apple varieties. Look for pretty pollinators flying around its branches, helping improve your crop.

While growing best in cooler climates, the Teeple Red Royal Empire can be planted successfully farther south than most Empire varieties. They are relatively easy to grow and more productive than most other Empire Apples. In fact, most will produce up to 16 bushels per tree.

The Teeple Red Royal resists Storage Scald and Fire Blight.

While the Teeple Red Royal Empire will need to cross-pollinate with Gala, Red Delicious, and white flowering crabapples like Whitney for the best fruit set. Most early and mid-season varieties will do, except for Royal or Crown Empire.

The Teeple Red Royal Empire likes full sun and grows best in zones 4-7. They thrive in loamy, well-drained soil. They are smaller trees, so you can plant them closer than other varieties.

Once you have planted a Teeple Red Royal Empire, get ready for fun and laughter with your loved ones. You will have plenty of these tasty, ruby red apples to eat, cook, and share with friends and relatives. Don’t delay–invest in these apples today.

Teeple Red Royal Empire Apple Tree (Malus x ‘Teeple Red Empire’) Details

Common name Teeple Red Royal Empire Apple Tree
Botanical name Malus x 'Teeple Red Empire'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 4-7
Growth rate Medium
Height 12 - 18 ft.
Width 10 - 12 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Late Winter
Flower color White