The Fairy Rose

  • Tough and Hardy!
  • Profuse Blooms
  • Disease Resistant
  • No Fragrance

Rosa ‘The Fairy’, commonly known as the Fairy Rose, is a Shrub Rose that has been beloved since its introduction in 1932. This enchanting plant boasts hundreds of delicate, shell-pink blooms that bloom continuously throughout the season, making it an easy and reliable choice for any garden.

The Fairy Rose bush has a spreading pyramidal form that is generously loaded with clusters of blooms. In addition to its stunning floral display, the plant has lush, dense foliage of small, bright green, pointed leaves that are disease resistant. The fern-like leaves make the plant attractive even when it is not in bloom.

The Fairy Rose is truly magical, combining great shrub qualities with stunning blooms. While the flowers are not heavily scented, their appearance more than compensates for the lack of fragrance.

The Fairy Rose bush is a repeat bloomer, but regular deadheading and minimal pruning can increase the number of blooms it produces. With its exceptional beauty and low maintenance requirements, the Fairy Rose is a wonderful addition to any garden or landscape.