The Meaning Behind Birth Flowers


As we all remember, flowers are always given as gifts for every occasion. We distribute flowers just because they are beautiful and everyone likes their beauty. Giving flowers is also a separate language. It is said that each flower has its own meaning, and the meaning of a particular flower when given to someone conveys a message that matches the meaning of that person’s flower.

The practice of giving flowers on someone’s birthday comes from the time of the Roman Empire. The Romans gave flowers on someone’s birthday to honor that person, also to honor Flora, the Roman spring goddess, and flowers. Flowers are also given at the temple and offered to the gods. The way flowers are assigned to a particular month is called the original flower simply because it is more seasonal for the month than for the other months. Over time, newborn flowers have a special meaning.

January for carnations

Carnations are flowers born in January. This is also called dianthus, which in Latin means “divine flower” or “flower of the gods”. It is not surprising that carnations have become a symbol of pride, beauty, and difference because of their divine name. Carnation is also a flower of love. Giving someone white carnation means friendship. Red carnation is synonymous with longing, while pink means romance. Yellow carnation, however, shows rejection.

February is for violets

The original flower of February is violet, the flower of loyalty in love and purity. In the language of flowers, violet is given by a lover to a loved one to tell him that he will always be loyal. This is especially true for violets. The white man conveys the message of seizing the opportunity to give his heart.

March is for narcissus

Narcissus, a flower born for March, is a flower that means friendship and happiness at home. This is also the flower that is used to express unrequited love to others; However, because the lily is one of the first flowers to bloom in spring, this flower is also considered a flower of hope in love. Daffodils are also known as daffodils and addicts.

April is for daisies

Daisies, one of the most popular flowers among flower lovers, are flowers born in April. Innocence and politeness are the virtues most related to daisies, mainly because of their darkness even though the colors are bold. In the language of flowers, daisies are given to a woman by a man after spending a pleasant time with her.

I think it’s for the valley lily

According to legend, valley lilies shed tears from tears that Eve cried when she and Adam were driven out of Eden. However, the original flower for May is more a symbol of purity, purity, and humility with small flowering flowers that tend to gather. Lily Lembah also means “return of happiness”, which is why it is often used as a decoration for weddings.

June is for Rosie

Roses, the queen of all flowers, are flowers born in June. It has long been known as the passion flower, which gives every color a message about love. Red rose means burning love, while pink rose means deep respect and admiration. White roses are given as a sign of friendship or love and are kept secret. Yellow roses, on the other hand, express jealousy or love that will die soon.


July for Delphinium

One can say that a bird is a flower representation of the phrase “wearing a heart on an arm”. This July Christmas flower is a symbol of openness and light, and sometimes instability. Fickle is the message behind the pink bird on the tongue of the flowers, while joy is the one behind white. Ungu wants to say that her successor is a very good person.

August for gladiolus

The original flower for August is gladiolus, named after the gladiator because of its sword-like shape. Because of this form, gladiolus is also called the flower of strength and courage, as well as sincerity and integrity. Gladiolus must mean “love at first sight” in the language of flowers.

September is for daisies

Daisies, the birth flower for September, are Latin for stars. This sweet flower must mean trust in love, wisdom, and courage. Giving a daisy bouquet to a loved one means asking him to care for him.

October is for Neven

In India, marigolds, birth flowers for October, are considered the most sacred flowers. Marigolds often lined up in necklaces and placed around the necks of religious statues as offerings. In Western tradition, marigolds are associated with sadness and sympathy.

November for chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum, Japanese imperial flower, is the birth flower for November. This is another flower that represents friendship and is sometimes given to someone to mean secret love and longing for that person. In some countries, chrysanthemum also means death.

December for daffodil

Narcissus was once associated with pride; According to the myth, a young narcissist falls in love with his own beauty when he sees his own reflection. She died fighting for her own beauty, and when she died, Apollo transformed herself into a flower that bears her name. However, this original flower since December has been a symbol of loyalty and perseverance.

Flowers are amazing gifts for loved ones regardless of the occasion. If you make a birthday flower present, it will be more meaningful.


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