Toka Plum Tree (Prunus ‘Toka’)

Toka Plum Tree

Sometimes the hardest working plants in your garden aren’t the superstars. Toka Plum Tree (Prunus ‘Toka’) is one of those plants. Oh, it’s a great plum tree that has been around since 1911, and you will love the super-sweet fruit it gives you. But that isn’t the reason you’ll want to plant Toka in your home orchard this year!

The fruit is amazing! Nicknamed the ‘Bubblegum Plum’ because of its distinct fragrance and taste! So much like candy that your mouth will be watering before you take a bite. But you’ll really want to plant it because Toka is prized for its ability to produce tons of pollen each year and pollinate all other Plum Trees in your orchard! It’s self-fertile, so it doesn’t require another tree to set fruit, but once you taste it, you’ll change your mind.

In addition to the sweet fruit, this vase-shaped tree also gives you scads of creamy, white flowers in an unforgettable spring show! Pollinators galore stop by for the bountiful pollen and nectar!

Planting and Application:

Fantastic specimens or accent trees in your front yard, where everyone will want a better look at the white blossoms and the radiant apricot and rosy reddish-pinkish-plum blushed fruit in the late summer to early autumn! Great shade over garden beds and pretty as a picture in back yard landscaping!

Toka are bushy and densely growing enough for privacy. Keep the lower limbs intact and plant liner orchards with other Plum Trees for a hedgerow and windbreak of mixed fruit for an extended and varied harvest that also hides an eyesore!

  • Beautiful Spring Flowers
  • Great Vase Shape
  • Unforgettable Bubblegum Scent & Candy Flavor
  • Cross-Pollinates With Other Japanese Plum Varieties
  • Perfect Plum Pollinator

Tips for Care:

Toka will grow just about anywhere, in full sun to part shade, and laughs at cold winters. Best in full sun, and well-drained enriched soil that has a good layer of mulch over the root zone.

  • Full Sun
  • Average Moisture & Well-Drained Soil
  • Prune When Dormant
  • Self-Fertile But Better With A Pollinator
  • Pollinates Most Other Plum Trees

If this is the only tree you have room for, you won’t be disappointed, but boy, will it make any other Plum Trees sing. Plant at least one of these easy-to-grow fruit trees this year and reap the benefits of Toka Plum Tree!

Toka Plum Tree (Prunus ‘Toka’) Details

Common name Toka Plum Tree
Botanical name Prunus 'Toka'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 3 - 8
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time Summer
Height 15 - 20 ft.
Width 12 - 18 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well-Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time When Dormant
Flower color White