Tropic Beauty Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Tropic Beauty’)

Tropic Beauty Peach Tree

  • Deep-Yellow Skin Blushed Red
  • Yellow Flesh & Excellent Flavor
  • Soft, Juicy & Melt-in-Your-Mouth Texture
  • Lovely Pink Blossoms
  • Fragrant & Calls Pollinators
  • Early Season Harvest
  • Mid-Sized Semi-Freestone Fruit
  • Handsome Glossy Foliage
  • Self-Fruitful
  • Long Hang Time
  • Fresh Eating, Desserts, Sauces & Preserves
  • Perfect for Home Orchards in Warm Zones
  • Low-Chill 100-200 Chill Hours

A melt-in-your-mouth Peach with all the juicy benefits of homegrown produce! The Tropic Beauty Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Tropic Beauty’) was developed to thrive and fruit in the hotter climates with low chill hours and a bonus early season harvest!

The gorgeous deep-yellow skinned fruit has a significant red blush once they are ripe! The golden yellow flesh is creamy, juicy, and has an excellent flavor that’s fantastic for fresh eating right off the tree!

But before the fruit, you’ll enjoy the generous display of lovely pink blossoms! These fragrant and frilly blooms attract a host of beneficial pollinators and the occasional hummingbird!

Glossy foliage and strong branching, these are handsome trees for the remainder of the year. Even their winter branching structure looks lovely after the leaves have fallen in winter.

Yellow-orange flesh is semi-freestone so it’s easier to slice and eat! Tuck one in a lunch box for a healthy treat! You’ll kick your summer picnicking off early because these gems ripen as early as late April to May!

How to Use Tropic Beauty Peach Tree In The Landscape

A gorgeous ornamental flowering tree that’s perfect for front and back yard specimen plantings and lovely accent trees, with the bonus of healthy fruit. A fruiting Peach tree adorns your landscape with a beautiful flower display and delicious gems in autumn!

The soft, creamy flesh is fantastic for your morning smoothie, makes incredible dessert sauces or delectable jams and jelly! Of course, this is a perfect fruit fresh off the tree! With a longer hang time, you’ll be in no rush to harvest your entire crop! Tropic Beauty Peaches retain their excellent flavor while still on the tree!

Peach trees are self-pollinating, so you’ll get a great crop from a single tree! However, for a much larger yield per tree, it’s recommended to plant with another Tropic Beauty or other Peach cultivar to boost your crops!

If you don’t have room for a second tree, try this great high-density planting technique! Naturally reaching 20 feet tall and nearly as wide, these can easily be pruned as small as you need!

Let grow to full size and enjoy fantastic shade over your seating areas and patio! Shade garden beds with the spreading growth to provide cooling cover all summer!

Set up a blanket for a picnic beneath the pink spring blossoms or enjoy the shade with a good book. Or plant outside a window you frequently view out of to enjoy all the beauty this tree provides throughout the year! Either way, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your developing harvest!

Prune smaller to tuck into an existing orchard or established home landscape, these trees are incredibly versatile and only need a few moments with the pruning shears. Try planting in groups or in a hedgerow that’s pruned to a smaller size for great privacy, screening, property definition and ease of harvest!

Tips For Care

Peaches grow best in full sun, at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. These are best in USDA growing zones 9 and 10! Excellent low-chill, just around 150 chill hours, these trees were developed by the University of Florida to tolerate warm climates with ease!

While not particular on type, fruit trees do best in enriched, highly organic, well-draining soil. A generous layer of mulch over your tree’s root system helps retain soil moisture as well as insulate the roots from both heat and winter’s chill. 3-inches deep and spread out 2-3 feet past the trunk is recommended.

Water regularly throughout the growing season to ensure juicy peaches. While Peach trees are somewhat drought tolerant once established, it’s best to protect your investment with a regular watering schedule. Keep young trees especially well-watered and do not allow them to dry out.

Situate in an area that is protected from frost pockets and with good air circulation. Prune to keep an open canopy so that both sunlight and airflow reach the interior.

Tropic Beauty Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Tropic Beauty’) Details

Common name Tropic Beauty Peach Tree
Botanical name Prunus persica 'Tropic Beauty'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 9-10
Growth rate Medium
Height 20 - 25 ft.
Width 18 - 20 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Late Winter
Flower color Pink