Twist of Lime Abelia

  • Easy care
  • Variegated leaves
  • Scented pink flowers
  • Evergreen

Love it or hate it, the 80’s preppy scene made an indelible mark on the culture. The popped up collars on polo shirts, chinos with dress shoes – but no socks, embroidered animals on grown up clothes. Some things were good and have stood the test of time. Others – not so much. One thing the preppy look taught us, though, was that pastels never go out of style and look good in any situation.

Take pink and green, for instance. Classic preppy color combo. Twist of Lime Abelia (‘Abelia X grandiflora ‘Hopley’s’) puts a fresh spin on this color duo and will dress your garden in cool, soft color all year.

Low-maintenance and sunny this big, bright shrub stands out from the crowd with lemon and lime colored leaves and pastel pink scented trumpet-shaped flowers. It looks great on its own or massed in your beds and borders.

The flowers bloom from summer through fall and the leaves stay green all year. Twist of Lime is the perfect foil for darker leaved plants or pastel colored roses. For a very modern garden, mix it with chartreuse colored plants.

Twist of Lime Abelia is the garden equivalent of popping your collar. Go ahead. Show your style.