Unlocking The Secrets To The White Rose


As we know, “rose is rose is rose.” But of course there is a hierarchy or at least a sequence between roses. Each variety has its own beauty; Each color has its own meaning. The two most famous colors are undoubtedly red and white. Two colors are so famous for their meanings: red conveys passion, while white conveys purity. The story of red and white roses has grown together and distorted for a long time.

The most famous in history, the Wars of the Roses, the late medieval battle for the British crown. Here we leave the passionate red rose for her own actions and draw our attention to the finer white rose as the focus of our article. White roses, which have undoubtedly been associated with purity for years, represent far more.

Christian symbolism has made it a sign of the Mother of God. Throughout history, especially in recent history, white roses have become strong political symbols that defend truth and combat totalitarianism, starting with the German anti-Nazi student group called White Rose. White rose petals also fall smoothly onto the pages of prose and poetry, leading to beautiful texts and strong symbolism. White roses, through various meanings given to them by various eras of humanity, have become strong political symbols and beautiful images that have been and are used in literature.

Innocence and purity are the main symbols conveyed by white roses. Maybe due to the fact that white roses are connected to Maria. White roses are said to have bloomed without thorns before the fall of Adam and Eve in heaven. This picture reinforces the idea of ​​white roses as returning to innocence and purity. It also means loyalty and trust, which can be very related to purity. In true love, loyalty and loyalty are implied, regardless of distance or time.

Unlocking The Secrets To The White Rose

For these symbols, white roses are the perfect gift for loved ones who are far away not only showing your love but also your loyalty. White roses are also the perfect gift to send to Platonic friends for the same reason: constant and loyal love mixed with the symbol of innocence is a great way to show your love to a good friend. White roses have been very important in England since the days of the Wars of the Roses, and white roses are said to refer to the deaths of those who deliver their words. Here, too, white roses are so closely linked to ideas of loyalty and trust – to the extent that death is obtained by those who break their oaths.

Breaking an oath is something that the Mawar Putih political group has not yet done. This student group in Munich worked actively against the Nazi regime during the Second World War and defended its ideals of freedom. Most of these brave youth groups have died because they have remained faithful to their faith.

A possible reason for choosing the name “White Rose” is a combination of white roses with another symbol: confidentiality. Loyalty to their goals can be another reason why they choose names. Maybe they chose white roses because white had no color and because of that their ideas and work were not related to important political thought at the time. This brave young activist group gave a special connotation to white roses. This is the purity of the youth who remains true to his ideals.


This special rose has a place in world culture. From folk songs to children’s stories to rap, there are flower references. The Russian folk song “White Roses” unfortunately illustrates how white roses give life and decorate a winter party only to die after the party. This song shows that white roses are sacrificed for our pleasure and short-lived entertainment.

In her famous song “The White Rose of Athens”, Nana Muscuri waits for a blooming rose to restore her distant love. In this song, white roses show the most famous symbols: loyalty and love, waiting for their love to return when white roses bloom again. In the classic children’s book “Alice in Wonderland” of all time, the servants of the Red Queen desperately paint “red roses”.

When Alice asked why they were painting red roses, the servants said that she would cut off their heads except for all the red roses. The red queen, known for her cruelty, can be likened to a lost innocence, and therefore the purity of a white rose does not match that of a queen. The symbolism of the rose is not lost even in modern culture. Tupac Shakur, the famous rapper who was killed at a very young age, wrote an autobiographical poem about roses.

The poem is entitled “A Rose That Grows from Concrete” and talks about hope and the ability to overcome obstacles when it is least expected. In this way, white roses have established themselves in prose and poetry both in the last few days and in our modern world.

White roses are very strong flowers. This flower is pure inside a snow-white loved flower that accompanies the bride to the altar and represents purity and innocence. At the same time, as historical usage shows, white roses are also a symbol of strong resistance and a desire to maintain one’s beliefs in any way.

Giving white roses as a gift is a very powerful gift. Not the passion or romance that is conveyed by red roses too often. White roses are a strong and constant love that is pure, loyal and willing to sacrifice. Not many flowers have a strong meaning to their names. And roses achieve this meaning not only through folklore and stories, but also through true stories from brave people who fight for their cause. White roses are beautiful flowers with beautiful symbolism, and a friend or lover should be proud to give this flower as a gift for those who love steadily and faithfully.



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