Vinca Minor Periwinkle Vine (Vinca minor ‘Periwinkle’)

Vinca Minor Periwinkle Vine


What is Vinca Minor Periwinkle Vine

Looking for showy, lavender-blue blooms to add to your landscape? The Periwinkle Plant is the perfect addition!

With its trailing habit and phlox-like characteristics, the Periwinkle Plant makes the ideal groundcover for large areas needing a little love. Plant it in bare spaces in your garden, in pots on the patio, or train it to climb walls and fences for a pop of color.

Wherever it’s placed, these flowers will enchant the garden intermittently from spring through fall for extended interest. And the best part is that its beautiful, dramatic appearance is effortless to achieve.

What’s more is that the Periwinkle Plant is long-living, drought tolerant and deer resistant. Plus, its flowers are rabbit-proof and few insects munch on them, so you can rest assured you’ll be enjoying this plant for seasons to come!

Ready for rich hues and easygoing growth? The Periwinkle Plant is just the thing your landscape needs!

Vinca Minor Periwinkle Vine (Vinca minor 'Periwinkle') Vinca minor 'Periwinkle'

How to Grow and Care for Vinca Minor Periwinkle Vine

Vinca Minor Periwinkle Vine (Vinca minor ‘Periwinkle’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 4-8 outdoors


Plant your Periwinkle Plant in an area with part shade. They can tolerate full shade but shouldn’t be planted in an area with full sun, as they can burn. They’ll do best in soils rich in compost and well-draining but can also tolerate less than ideal soil conditions.


This plant grows best in moist soil; however, its vines are fairly drought tolerant once mature.


Fertilizing your Periwinkle Plant will help make its foliage more brilliant and may help with bloom production. Choose an evenly balanced fertilizer and follow the label instructions closely.


You can prune your plants by cutting them in half after the summer bloom to encourage more growth the following year. You can also prune to maintain the density and shape of a hedge or potted plant.

Vinca Minor Periwinkle Vine (Vinca minor ‘Periwinkle’) Details

Common name Vinca Minor Periwinkle Vine
Botanical name Vinca minor 'Periwinkle'
Hardiness zone 4-8 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 4-6 in.
Width 1-2 ft.