Wax Myrtle For Sale

An Elegant Native Shrub!

Pacific Wax Myrtle’s scientific name – Myrica californica –  is a dead giveaway to which part of the country this hardy shrub does best. If you are a resident of the Golden State then you are probably already very familiar with this elegant native. This beauty is a versatile shrub that is fast growing and adds a certain ‘wild structure’ to your xeric or native garden.

A fast grower, this hardy evergreen is thickly covered in clean, glossy foliage and frosted with small purple berries that the birds adore.

Pacific Wax Myrtle can be clipped as a tight hedge or allowed to grow to its full height as a natural windbreak or screen. This is a formidable ally in windswept coastal gardens to block both steady winds and unsightly views. Plant several in a row to create a formal hedge or a great background in native shrub borders or perennial beds.

Considering how lush Pacific Wax Myrtle is, it comes as a great surprise how drought tolerant it is, too. It survives on rain water most of the year, but enjoys a good deep watering during very extended heat to stay looking it absolute best.

As an added bonus, Pacific Wax Myrtle is sometimes called the California Bayberry and the highly aromatic leaves can be used like bay leaves in cooking.

Pacific Wax Myrtle is a great native plant:

  • Native Evergreen
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Purple Berries that Birds Love
  • Glossy, Aromatic Green Foliage