Whipped Cream Rose (Rosa ‘Whipped Cream’)

Whipped Cream Rose

  • Floribunda Rose
  • Fragrant, Semi-Double Blooms
  • Pink-Blushed Buds Open to Buttery-Cream Petals
  • Lightly Fragrant
  • Showy Yellow Centers
  • Free-Flowering Repeat Bloomer
  • Spent Blooms Drop Cleanly from the Shrub…No Need to Deadhead
  • Healthy Green Foliage is Textured
  • Versatile In-Ground Hedge or Kept in Large Garden Containers
  • No-Spray Trial Performance is Excellent
  • Displays Disease Resistance to Black Spot and Mildew

Yum! You’ll fall for these creamy-white blooms with their enchanting fragrance. Like their namesake, Whipped Cream Rose (Rosa ‘Whipped Cream’) looks light and sweet in your garden setting.

Delicate pink-tinged buds unfurl to reveal a wide, shallow cup of semi-double blooms. Buttercream petals are accessorized with a very showy yellow center.

Best of all? These gorgeous Floribunda Roses aren’t even fattening!

Add Whipped Cream Roses to your beds and borders for a softly tailored look. You’ll never grow tired of the pretty presentation, and neither will your local butterflies!

This improved modern Rose bush is incredibly free-flowering. Flush after flush of beautiful blooms will grace your garden in style.

The spent petals fall cleanly from the bush for a polished presentation without extra work. But go ahead and help yourself to armloads of exquisite, scented indoor arrangements.

The clean, quilted foliage adds an extra dimension of interest to these vigorous bushes. You’ll be thrilled at the high performance and natural resistance to black spot and powdery mildew.

Indulge yourself with this versatile choice! It adds a tasteful display that coordinates with all of your other plantings.

How to Use Whipped Cream Rose in the Landscape

Create a stunning hedge to feature in your garden design. The luscious, pale blooms of Whipped Cream Roses will highlight your space morning, noon, and night in a Moon Garden.

They’ll reach a wonderfully useful height! Call it a friendly fence and run them the length of your property line with an arbor or archway as a walk-through.

Could this be the prettiest barrier planting you’ve ever seen? Mix them with yellow Roses for a jazzy look.

Pop them in front of Viburnums and Elderberries to play off their wide, white clusters of tiny flowers. The contrast in textures will keep your interest without becoming gaudy or saccharine.

Try a pair flanking on either side of a garden gate to invite your guests in for iced tea. Or, keep a short row of them behind your birdbath for an elegant look.

Even a single plant kept in a container can make a charming addition to your balcony or patio. Its long-lasting flower power earns a spot as a useful addition for small space gardens.

No Butterfly Garden should be without modern Roses. These fuss-free shrubs support beneficial pollinators, too!

Mix Whipped Cream Floribunda Rose into garden borders. With a fluffy pliability, this choice partners with every other color under the sun.

Tips for Care

Provide full sun, with a preference for morning sun. They perform at their best with at least six hours of direct sunshine a day.

Roses need to have well-drained soil that doesn’t stay saturated for long. Add extra soil in a raised bed or plating mound to improve the rate of drainage after rainfall.

We recommend using time-tested Nature Hills Root Booster for Roses during planting. Symbiotic ingredients in the formula help the feeder roots access micronutrients from the soil.

Keep Roses consistently moist with supplemental water. Keep wood mulch over the roots, but please pull it back away from the stems for proper air circulation.

In spring, give these hungry flowering plants an application of organic, slow-release fertilizer. Plan to follow the application rates and reapplication schedule listed on the label.

Be sure that lawn fertilizers are kept far away from your Roses, and all your flowering plants. These are nitrogen-heavy and work to support foliage only.

Prune in early spring by simply cutting all of the canes down to about six inches tall. Cut the flowering clusters throughout the summer for cut flowers to encourage successive flushes.

Whipped Cream Rose (Rosa ‘Whipped Cream’) Details

Common name Whipped Cream Rose
Botanical name Rosa 'Whipped Cream'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 2 - 3 ft.
Width 2 - 3 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Cream Yellow Centers, White Outer Petals