The wild flower garden has the most interesting sounds. People think of old wild animals in the forest, gathering materials and then the pleasure of creating wild parks that are truly safe.

Many people say that they are not lucky with a park like that. This is not a matter of happiness, but understanding, because wildflowers are like humans and everyone has their own personality. What plants are used in nature, what he always wants. In fact, he fell ill and died if he was freed from his own living conditions. That is enough to tell us that we must copy nature itself. Suppose you hunt wild flowers. When choosing certain flowers from the forest, consider the land they are in, their location, conditions, environment and neighbors.

Suppose you find a purple dog and purple flowers that grow together. Then place it in your own new garden. Suppose you find a certain violet when in an open situation. then there must always be the same. You understand the point, right? If you want wild flowers to grow in a tame garden, make yourself at home. Almost betrayed they believed that they were still being persecuted in their home.

Wild flowers must be transplanted after the weather develops. Bring a shovel and basket to the forest. When taking columbine or liver, be sure to take some of the soil planted with roots that need to be packaged during a transplant.

The beds where these plants must go must be carefully prepared before your trip. In any situation you want to return this plant to wait a day or one night before planting. You must immediately enter a new environment. The beds need soil from the forest, deep and rich and full of leaf mold. Under the drainage system must be very good.

Then the plants do not have to enter the watery soil. Some people believe that all woody plants must have soil that is saturated with water. But the forest itself is not registered with water. You may need to dig your garden very deep and lay a small amount of soil on the ground. The top floor must pass through. And at the top, where the top soil used to be, put a new layer of rich soil that you brought from the forest.


Pour the soil before planting. While making room for plants, place a plot of land in each hole belonging to the plant to be placed there.

I think it would be a pretty good plan to have a wildflower garden that offers a succession of flowers from early spring to late fall. So let’s start with March, hepatitis, spring beauty and sax. Then April came and brought beautiful Columbus, a small, wild blue geranium, on his arm. For May there are purple dogs and tooth anemones, Solomon’s fake seals, pulpits, revival robes, blood and purple. June will give bells, worms, balm bees and foxes. I would choose gay butterfly weed for July. Let the head of the turtle, daisies, weeded by Joe Pie and the top of Queen Anne glow frozen for the rest of the season.

Let’s find out a little about the likes and dislikes of this plant. After starting, you will add to this list of wild flowers.

There is no one who does not like hepatitis. Before spring came, this little flower raised its head and humiliated others. Under a blanket of dried leaves, the flowers wait for warm sunlight to bring it out. These embryo flowers are also protected by a fuzzy layer. This is reminiscent of the same protective layer as new fern fronds. In spring, hepatitis plants do not waste time removing new clothes from the leaves. He let his parents do while blooming has experienced days.


Then the new safe leaves beforehand have a chance. Pedestrians are ready to help next season. You will find that the heart grows in groups, like family groups. They might be found in a fairly open place in the forest. The floor is rich and loose. Therefore you should only go in partially shaded areas and under good soil conditions. If they are planted with other specimens from the forest, they have the advantage because they are exposed enough so that they can catch the sun in early spring. I have to cover the heart with a bed sheet light in the fall. Remove this cover page in the last days of February unless the weather is extreme. You will find the colors of hepatitis ready to lift their heads.

The beauty of spring hardly makes hepatitis overtake. With white flowers with thin traces of pink, thin, tough and narrow stems, leaves like grass, this spring flower can’t be wrong. You will find the beauty of spring growing in nice places in places that are quite open. Plant some roots and let the sun have a good chance of reaching them. Because this plant likes the sun.

Another interest mentioned in March is saxifrage. This belongs to a completely different environment. This is a plant that grows in dry and rocky places. You can find it in stone fragments. There is an old saying that the roots of saxifrage rotate around a rock and work on it so that the stone splits. After all, this is a stone garden plant. I found it in dry and sandy places right on the edge of a large rock. There are white grapes born on hairy stems.

Columbine is another plant that is most likely to be found in rocky locations. If you stand under a ledge and look up, you can see Columbus or more plants embedded in rocky crevices here and there. The red head nodded curved into a strong and slender trunk. The roots do not go deep into the ground; In fact, the floor rarely covers them. Just because kolumbin has a little soil does not mean that it is no different from soil conditions. Because he always lives and always has to live, in good drainage conditions. I wonder if it hit you, how many plants are really hygienic? Lots of fresh air, good drainage, and good food is very important for plants.

Checking these plants shows how easy it is to find out what they are like. After you learn their feelings, don’t make the mistake of curling them all in poor drainage conditions.

I always have a feeling of personal attachment to blues music. When they come, I always feel that things are settled outside now. They start with blue flowers that are rich, beautiful, and rather delicate. When June gets hotter, the color fades, sometimes it looks quite worn and white. Some call them Quakers, others are innocent. They are charming under every name. They grow in colonies, sometimes in sunny fields, sometimes along roads. We learned from this that they are more specific to opening the sun than to the ground.

If you choose flowers and want to use them for bouquets, wild geraniums are not your flowers. It drips very quickly after harvesting and immediately releases the petals. But the purple flowers are spectacular and the leaves are rough but in pieces. This last effect gives plants courage, which is very interesting. This plant grows in parts of the forest that are rather moist and partially shady. I like this plant in the garden. This adds good color and permanent color during flowering because there are no objects when picking.

There are number and amount of wild flowers that I can recommend. What I mentioned was not given for the purpose of this guide, but only by ending your understanding of how you can check the condition of the soil to create a wildflower garden.

If you are afraid of results, take one or two flowers and learn what to choose. If you master a few or know him better, add another year to your garden. I think you will really like your wild park before you handle it. This is a real study.


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