Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub (Buxus sinica var. insularis ‘Wintergreen’)

Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub


What is Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub

The cold hardy Wintergreen Boxwood, also known as Korean Boxwood, is an incredibly versatile shrub. It adds appeal to casual or formal landscape designs, and when grouped, Wintergreen complements most any garden and looks fantastic in decorative pots to accent a deck or patio.

Plus, it’s compact and easy to shape. This evergreen, dense shrub performs like a superstar when shaped into topiary designs or even bonsai art. The slow-growing Wintergreen Boxwood typically gains only 2 to 3 inches annually, maturing to heights of about 3 feet with a 4 to 5 foot spread with little upkeep.

For starters, our Wintergreen Boxwood is great-looking, with oval leaves that feature a finely-textured look as their bright green hues darken slightly with age. An ongoing two-tone feature of bright and dark green foliage adds depth to this ornamental shrub.

But aside from its beauty and adaptable, hassle-free growth (with pest, deer and disease resistance), it’s just as easy to grow for the beginning gardener as for the novice grower. That’s because we’ve planted, grown and nurtured it for top perks and a healthy root system. No need to visit big box…we’ve done the hard work at the nursery so that you get a ready-to-grow specimen that arrives right at your door.

So, enjoy the vibrant green color all year. Experiment with creating different shapes, effortlessly. Get your own Wintergreen Boxwood today!

Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub (Buxus sinica var. insularis 'Wintergreen') Buxus sinica var. insularis 'Wintergreen'

How to Grow and Care for Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub

Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub (Buxus sinica var. insularis ‘Wintergreen’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 5-8 outdoors


Choose a location where your Wintergreen will receive full or partial sunlight (4 to 8 hours of sunlight per day). If you live in an area with high heat, they will do best withsome afternoon shade and well-drained soil.

When you’re ready to plant your Wintergreen, dig a hole the same depth as the root ball and twice as wide.Place the shrub upright into the hole ensuring it is straight and begin to back fill the hole, watering every couple inches to prevent air pockets from forming. Finally, to help retain moisture in the soil, apply a 2- to 3-inch deep layer of mulch around the base of the Wintergreen Boxwood, extending 12 inches past the foliage.


Water deeply to ensure the roots are getting adequate moisture (generally one or two waterings per week will suffice). Once the Wintergreen is established, it will need a weekly watering during periods of drought or extreme heat.


Apply a balanced shrub fertilizer formula such as 10-10-10 in spring, before new growth emerges for your Wintergreen


Left unpruned, Wintergreens will grow into neat tufts of green naturally. However, these shrubs can be pruned into any shape- pruning should be done after the last frost for the season so that no new growth is damaged by frost.

Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub (Buxus sinica var. insularis ‘Wintergreen’) Details

Common name Wintergreen Boxwood Shrub
Botanical name Buxus sinica var. insularis 'Wintergreen'
Plant type Shrubs, Hedges
Hardiness zone 5-8 outdoors
Growth rate Slow
Height 2-4 ft.
Width 3-5 ft.