Yellow Ranunculus (Ranunculus (Yellow))

Yellow Ranunculus

The Yellow Ranunculus (Ranunculus (Yellow)) offers pure sunshine and joy in flower form! These lesser-known but equally impressive flowers can go head-to-head with the beauty, elegance, and luxury of Roses. With a rich and bold golden glow, these eye-popping blooms will delight you all spring long!

You won’t believe your eyes when your Yellow Ranunculuses bloom. These Yellow Ranunculuses produce lovely and opulent flowers that dance atop sturdy stems. With more petals than you can count and lush deep green leaves, they truly are a joy to behold. Some even appear pristine six weeks after their buds pop up!

With tightly packed petals, it’s hard to go amiss when choosing these fantastic plants for your fall planting! These highly desirable blooms are worth every minute they’re in bloom! Hardy year-round in the ground throughout USDA growing zones 8 through 11 and are great houseplants and annual container accents for Northern gardeners! Picotee is also a romantic gift!

Planting and Application:

Where should you plant this outstanding yellow charmer? Try planting yours as a border or drift. They will come alive as the spring weather warms and you’ll be rewarded with glowing flowers for weeks. Once the blooms arrive, bees and butterflies appear to sip the nectar and provide you with plenty of cut flowers for gorgeous bouquet focal points!

If outside of a zone where they naturally perennialize, you can use Yellow Ranunculuses as stunning annuals in your cut flower bed or keep them in containers to be brought inside when the weather begins to cool. These bright marigold-yellow flowers burst with excitement. They make for a delightful display when paired with violet and pink!

  • Honey Yellow Blooms
  • Exquisite Flower Form
  • Annual/Perennial, Houseplants & Gifts
  • Superior Cut Flowers & Great in Containers
  • Rows, Specimens, Groupings, Drifts, Porch & Patio!

Tips for Care:

Plant your Ranunculus where it gets to enjoy full sun or partial shade, and with moderate moisture in well-drained soil. These spring corms hide once summer heat kicks in, so deadhead after the flowers fade. Later, trim the leaves down when they turn yellow. For best results, soak your Picotee Ranunculus tubers for three to four hours in room-temperature water. Plant the tubers with the finger-like structures down about 6 inches in depth and water them in well.

  • Full Sun & Partial Shade
  • Enriched Well-Drained Soil
  • Moderate Moisture
  • Hardy Warm Weather Perennial Tubers
  • Deadhead as Flowers Fade & Prune Down When Greenery Yellows

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Yellow Ranunculus (Ranunculus (Yellow)) Details

Common name Yellow Ranunculus
Botanical name Ranunculus (Yellow)
Plant type Annual
Hardiness zone 8-11
Growth rate Fast
Height 12 - 16 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Foliage Yellows
Flower color Bright Yellow