Yellow Rose Tree

Abundant Sunny Yellow Blooms from Spring to Fall

  • Enjoy a Cheerful Rose Tree
  • Loaded with petite, buttery golden blooms
  • The Perfect Gift for Anyone!
  • A Beauty in Containers and Easy to Grow!

Hardy and low maintenance, the Yellow Sunblaze Miniature Rose took the gardening world by storm. This hugely popular and highly recommended miniature rose is a disease resistant repeat bloomer that flowers continuously for three seasons.The Yellow Sunblaze Miniature Rose Tree has tons of sunshine yellow blooms that are sure to brighten your day.

Key Features

  • A bounty of miniature yellow roses
  • Blooms from spring through fall!
  • Hardy and low maintenance
  • Great for containers
  • The perfect gift for mom, wife, or friend

The Yellow Sunblaze rose tree is the perfect giftwhen you want to brighten someone’s day. They add beauty to any home and grow well in containers. The Yellow Sunblaze is easy to grow. Give it a sunny spot, a drink, and some food and your rose tree will reward you with endless blooms for months on end!

Yellow Sunblaze Miniature Rose Tree Care

Be sure to select the right spot for your rose tree by following the following recommendations.

You can plant any time of the year, just take care to avoid the most extreme temperatures in winter and summer.

Full to part sun are ideal for roses. These plants love the sun. You will get the most prolific blooming in full sun.

Rose trees are adaptable to any well drained soil. Choose a good quality potting mix like our Special Planting Mix when planting in containers or amending a sandy, clay, or nutrient poor soil.

Water your rose tree in well when planting. Keep the soil moist for the first month.  Watering deeply 1 to 2 times per week versus a little bit everyday is ideal for helping you plant’s roots establish quickly and grow well. Once established, allow the soil to dry before watering.

Use our 6 month slow release fertilizer when planting and in spring. Use again in mid summer when growing your tree rose in a container.

Prune lightly anytime to maintain shape. If a heavy pruning is require do this in late winter or early spring.

Landscape ideas

Grow your Yellow Sunblaze rose tree in the ground or in a container. It will flourish and look great in either environment.

Plant your rose tree as a centerpiece in your flower bed or on either side of your front doors

The Yellow Sunblaze tree rose will add sunshine to your patio, deck or entryway.