Yellow Star Tiger Lily (Lilium tigrinum splendens ‘Yellow Star’)

Yellow Star Tiger Lily

  • Stunning Yellow Blooms With Maroon/Black Spots
  • Incredibly Deer, Rabbit, and Drought Resistant
  • Easy to Care for
  • Perfect for Beds and Borders, Containers

Fascinating Yellow Star Tiger Lily (Lilium tigrinum splendens ‘Yellow Star’) is a beautiful yellow Tiger Lily. Most Tiger Lilies are an orange to red color with maroon spotting in the throat.

Yellow Star have been bred for increased floriferous and darker speckling. This plant produces twelve to twenty dangling flowers on each three to four foot tall stalks.

The bright yellow blooms show off their maroon-black spots and bright orange pistils. Their foliage is a beautiful deep green making quite a dramatic impact on your landscaping.

Lilies are suited for the back of your garden. The tall stems usually need staking to prevent them from breaking. Very easy care as lilies can handle well-drained normal, sandy or clay soil.

They like their roots in the shade and their face in the sun so love being planted behind other perennials for that wow in your garden!

Yellow Star will attract butterflies. They are also deer resistant and drought tolerant. Plant them as a specimen plant or massed with other colors for a stunning display! They bloom in mid to late summer.

This lily has little black ‘bulbils’ (baby bulbs) that form up and down the stem in the leaf axils. These little bulbs will drop to the ground naturally and will spring up the next year as baby Tiger Lily plants.

Yellow Star Tiger Lily (Lilium tigrinum splendens ‘Yellow Star’) Details

Common name Yellow Star Tiger Lily
Botanical name Lilium tigrinum splendens 'Yellow Star'
Hardiness zone 3-10
Growth rate Fast
Height 36 - 48 inches
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Foliage Yellows
Flower color Yellow