Zebra Plant in Decorative Pot (Vriesea ‘Splinriet’)

Zebra Plant in Decorative Pot


What is Zebra Plant in Decorative Pot

The Zebra Plant is a house plant favorite for both its stunning foliage and vibrant, sword-like flower. Our Zebra Plant is shipped to you in either a wood or jute pot, so it’s ready-to-gift as soon as it arrives.

Perfect for the busy house plant lover, the Zebra Plant doesn’t require much maintenance. Its striped leaves will remain healthy and strong with weekly or bi-weekly watering. And as long as it gets enough light, the plant’s fountain-like foliage will thrive.

With proper care, some Zebra Plants can bloom with what’s known as a “Flaming Sword”—this spiky flower will dazzle your house guests with its bright orange-red color and hardy, upright form. 

Indoors or on the patio, blooming or not, your potted Zebra Plant will add an exotic, modern touch to your space. Match your aesthetic with either the wood or jute pot, and order this easygoing house plant today!

Planting & Care


No planting required – simply unbox your Zebra Plant and place it in an area with bright, indirect light (behind curtains or blinds is ideal). If you place it on the patio, make sure it’s in a shady spot so the sun won’t burn its leaves. We also recommend exposing your Zebra Plant to sunlight gradually, over a period of several weeks, to ensure that it acclimates well to its new environment.


Water your Zebra when the soil is dry about 2 inches down. Avoid overwatering, because too much moisture in the soil can cause root rot.

Zebra Plant in Decorative Pot (Vriesea 'Splinriet') Vriesea 'Splinriet'

How to Grow and Care for Zebra Plant in Decorative Pot

Zebra Plant in Decorative Pot (Vriesea ‘Splinriet’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone Indoors

Zebra Plant in Decorative Pot (Vriesea ‘Splinriet’) Details

Common name Zebra Plant in Decorative Pot
Botanical name Vriesea 'Splinriet'
Plant type House Plants
Hardiness zone Indoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 14-16 in.
Width 5-10 in.