Zelkova Village Green

Magnificent Urban Shade Village Green™ Zelkova

  • Fast-Growing When Young
  • Tolerates Urban Conditions and Compacted Soil
  • Glossy, Dark-Green Foliage
  • Enjoy Dense Shade All Season
  • Fiery Fall Foliage is a Mix of Orange, Gold and Russet Red
  • Beautifully Straight Trunk
  • Showy, Exfoliating Bark When Mature
  • Well-Structured, Upright Vase-Shaped Canopy
  • Resists Dutch Elm Disease, Along With Leaf and Bark Beetles
  • Durable Tree Tolerates Periodic Drought and Heat
  • Deer Don’t Prefer These Trees

Get the most from your outdoor entertainment area with a thoughtfully placed shade tree. No matter if you are in the heart of a big city, get the comfort you crave with help from the expert growers at Garden Center Point.

We highly recommend the durable charm of Village Green™ Zelkova (Zelkova serrata ‘Village Green’). These beautiful trees grow relatively quickly when young, but the branches stay strong.

This deciduous tree features a wonderfully straight trunk and outreached limbs. Over time, the canopy develops into a lovely vase-shape, so reminiscent of American Elms.

Disease and pest resistant, Village Green is a good choice for tough sites. Newly constructed homes with compacted soil; and urban lots can easily utilize these sophisticated trees for shade and along the street.

These are medium to large-sized trees that can work on smaller lots. Give them room to reach their mature height and spread without crowding.

A dense crown of finely serrated leaves provide welcome shade and help reduce your air conditioning bills. The foliage is a glossy, dark-green, which looks and feels nice and cool.

In fall, you’ll take great delight in the attractive fall color display. Each year will be a bit different, depending on the weather, and will deliver a showy mix of harvest tones from yellow to red.

Even after the leaves fall, you’ll have a nice winter focal point. Smooth bark when young develops over time to showcase an enticing exfoliating texture. The scaffold of spreading branches looks very ornamental, as well.

Utilize these valuable trees on both residential or commercial properties.

How to Use Village Green™ Zelkova in the Landscape

On a smaller lot, plant a single specimen tree on the south or southwest corner. Site it carefully to maximize its impact.

While the tree is still in its nursery container, turn it this way and that. Decide which aspect or “face” you’ll point towards your house.

Go ahead and consider yourself an artist at this point. Relish this mindful moment with your new tree, and allow it to ground you in the rewarding process of landscaping.

Young trees can be sculpted with strategic pruning. Nestle a rocking glider or pair of Adirondack chairs underneath the canopy, and prune judiciously to provide headroom only where you need it.

Can you imagine the beneficial impact of having low-growing, lush, green limbs on either side of your conversation area? You’ll feel like you’re in a treehouse!

With a larger lot, consider a pair planted in a petite allée flanking either side of an entrance. You’ll heighten the sense of anticipation and set the stage for a wonderful garden story.

Use more of them on either side of a long drive. Village Green’s strong form makes it a perfect candidate for use as a boulevard tree.

Plant 35 to 45 feet apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next. Widen the width for a more measured look; plant closely for an enchanting experience.

Take these ideas and expand them on a larger-scale commercial property. We encourage property owners to layer in several varieties of trees in a biodiverse planting to hedge against disease.

All trees need good air circulation. Give your Village Green the space it needs to develop its magnificent form.

Tips for Care

Plant Village Green Zelkova in full sun, with at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. They need well-drained soil, but are quite adaptable to several different soil types.

Provide a medium amount of supplemental water on a regular schedule, if you don’t receive adequate rainfall. After the first few seasons, your trees are able to tolerate periodic drought, but please protect your investment with water.

Keep the roots cool with a three-inch layer of mulch applied over the root system. Pull the mulch away from the trunk at least six inches.

Don’t plant Zelkovas too deeply. Please read the planting instructions that come in every box. It needs to be planted at the same depth that it was planted at the nursery.

In late winter, complete any corrective pruning following a game plan. Work to develop good branch structure with space between branches.