Wardi Yew (Taxus x media ‘Wardii’)

Wardi Yew

  • Vigorous Plant that Stays Compact
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Cold Hardy
  • Grows in Sun or Shade
  • Keep it Natural for a Noteworthy Specimen
  • Plants can be Tightly Pruned
  • Suits Many Garden Styles
  • Mass for Hedges, Foundations or Slopes

You’ll love the low-growing look of Ward’s Yew (Taxus x media Wardii’). This is a long-lived plant that beautifully fills many roles in the landscape. It’s a sophisticated alternative to Juniper groundcovers.

Staying low but growing wide over time with a distinctly flat top, Ward’s Yew looks magnificent all year long. Best of all, it can be shaped and pruned to suit your unique vision. Homeowners and commercial property owners across the country have created memorable experiences using multiples of this plant.

They’ve massed planted them, created long low hedges and even tried their hand at the ancient pruning art of topiary. You can keep the cuts angular for a contemporary look or curve the lines a bit if you want to encourage a sinuous, organic style.

Can you start to see the power of the Ward’s Yew? It’s a blank slate that you can use to capture your vision. Ward’s Yew can be used in lavish mixed shrub borders or marched along a foundation. Fill concrete bound planter boxes with this and keep it trimmed perfectly flat.

Why not vary the pruning heights a bit with different squared off sections within that planter box? You’d create a subtle checkerboard effect with interesting shadows. Can you imagine a restaurant using this to drive more foot traffic? Add board games for use at outdoor tables, and you’re off to the races.

A wise gardener knows to rely on foliage plants like Ward’s Yew to carry the style and give structure to the landscape year-round. This plant features dark green needles held densely on branches that extend all the way down to the ground.

You won’t need any edging plants with this evergreen. In fact, we recommend you use Ward’s Yew as the edging for any planting.

For an easy-care garden, simply allow it to grow into its full and natural shape. It won’t grow too tall. There’s no real need to add any other plants if you want to keep things nice and tidy.

It performs in a variety of well-drained soil and light conditions. Keep the planting weeded and give it Dr. Earth Acid Lover’s Organic and Natural Premium Fertilizer in early spring and mid-summer.

Young plants need a regular schedule of even amounts of water for the first season or two. Once the roots are established in the soil, they become more tolerant of drought. Ward’s Yews can easily handle urban conditions.

It will appreciate extra water in fall before the ground freezes for winter. Protect it from the worst of the winter winds for the best performance.

Wardi Yew (Taxus x media ‘Wardii’) Details

Common name Wardi Yew
Botanical name Taxus x media 'Wardii'
Hardiness zone 4-7
Growth rate Medium, Slow
Height 3 - 4 ft.
Width 8 - 12 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Full Shade, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well-drained
Pollinator-friendly No
Leaf color Evergreen