Dame de Coeur Tall Bearded Iris (Iris germanica ‘Dame de Coeur’)

Dame de Coeur Tall Bearded Iris

  • Mahogany Colored Petals
  • Gorgeous Gray-Green Foliage
  • Attracts Pollinators
  • Fantastic in Mass Plantings

An Iris dressed to impress, Dame de Coeur’s (Iris germanica ‘Dame de Coeur’) is ready to make all the lads at the ball swoon! Adding one to your Iris is sure to add a pop of color to your color pallet!

This Iris’s petals are a mahogany red along the edges that lightens up into a charismatic burnt orange near its center. The ombre effect is matched by its beard that rivals even the most fashionable designer skirts.

Oh, and to be a fluttering butterfly who’s come across such a delectable treat! Butterflies and bees alike will stop by for a snack and rest on the ruffled blossoms! They’ll bring your garden to life while you sit back and watch those pretty wings!

There’s no shortage of ways to incorporate Dame de Coeur into your garden. Its handsome gray-green foliage makes a stunning backdrop for your shorter perennials and the blossoms are on stems that grow to be quite tall.

They’ll certainly be tall enough to work well towards the back on your perennial gardens! No need to worry about whether it’ll be seen, Dame de Coeur prides itself on being one of the most noticeable in the crowd!

This specimen appreciates being planted in full sun or partial shade. You’ll want to plant it in a shallow hole with it’s rhizome partially uncovered. That being said, during the winter, it helps to protect the plant with an extra layer of mulch over the base. Just make sure to uncover next spring!

Dame de Coeur will be a shining star when added to your garden.

Information About Bare Root Iris
Bare root Iris are shipped as nice fresh cut divisions with two to three fans of green tops. Keep in mind each Iris variety can have slightly different sized roots.

When planting, make sure 1/3rd of the rhizome is exposed to sunlight with the roots buried underneath. Note, it’s best to cover the rhizome with a thin layer of mulch or leaves to protect it during the coldest months but make sure to uncover in the spring.

Dame de Coeur Tall Bearded Iris (Iris germanica ‘Dame de Coeur’) Details

Common name Dame de Coeur Tall Bearded Iris
Botanical name Iris germanica 'Dame de Coeur'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 3-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 35 inches
Width 12 - 18 inches
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Late Autumn
Flower color Red