Are you a gardening enthusiast, botanist, or simply someone with a green thumb and a passion for writing? GardenCenterPoint welcomes contributions from individuals who can share their expertise, insights, and experiences with our growing community.

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  • Reach a Larger Audience: Your content will be showcased to a dedicated and engaged gardening community.
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What We’re Looking For

  • Original Content: All articles must be 100% original and not published elsewhere.
  • Relevant Topics: From plant care guides to reviews on the latest gardening tools, if it’s about gardening, we’re interested!
  • Quality: Well-researched, informative, and engaging content that resonates with our readers.
  • Format: Articles should range between 800-1500 words, accompanied by high-quality images (if possible).

Submission Guidelines

  1. Pitch First: Before writing a full article, send us a brief pitch outlining your topic and key points.
  2. No Promotional Content: We aim to provide value to our readers. Avoid overly promotional content or blatant advertisements.
  3. Cite Sources: If referencing data, studies, or quoting someone, make sure to provide appropriate citations.
  4. Editing: We reserve the right to make minor edits to your submission for clarity, grammar, and format.

How to Submit

  1. Send your pitch or full article to
  2. Include “Submission: [Your Article Title]” in the subject line.
  3. Attach your article as a Word document or Google Docs link. If you have images, attach them separately.
  4. Provide a short author bio (2-3 sentences) and, if you’d like, a link to your personal blog or social media profile.

We aim to respond to all submissions within 2 weeks. If your article aligns with our content strategy and meets our quality standards, we’ll get back to you with the next steps!

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